Nagal, a, blow from, examples of from Warriors' Experience

  • Nagal, a, blow from, examples of

Dear X and Y,

If posting over the weekend is your idea of what it is to lead by example, then I am aghast and deeply disappointed. If this is your idea of what it is to provide the female with a lead, then I am disgusted! And Z! If this is your idea of taking the male lead, then whose lead are you taking? That of people like X and Y? Or that of your fiancé? Or Russell? Or myself?

All of you have been asked to PLEASE not post over the weekend! You have all been warned MANY times NOT to post over weekends! We have taken drastic measures to try and IMPRESS upon your MINDS that you must NOT, MUST NOT, post over weekends! You have been asked to take the time differences into account! It has been patiently spelled out to you on more than one occasion! But NO!!! So great has been the level of RESPECT, and so enormous has been the sense of IMPECCABILITY that we STILL have people posting over the weekend!

So much for being wide awake!!! So much for being aware!!! Is this a JOKE, or WHAT?! No! But it seems to me that the REAL joke is your answers to the Hunter's Testing! Oh! We all KNOW how to spit out the words! Even highly dramatic words wrapped up in beautifully moving poetic phrases hinting at great heroic valour! And yet, when it comes to something as small as respecting a request, and something as simple as exercising impeccability, we trip over our own feet and fall flat on our faces! What truly SUPERB examples of warriorship! The three of you have my most heartfelt APPLAUSE!!!

With a Scholar like this we will all no doubt achieve vast clarity! With a friend like this, who needs enemies! With a female like this, let's just embrace mother, and be done with it!