Pain, purpose of from Warriors' Experience

  • Pain, purpose of
  • Credit, giving the self, importance of
  • Encouragement, example of
  • Fear, purpose of

Dear H,

What a truly wonderful openness of heart and a display of TRUE courage you demonstrate through your actions! :)

The fear and the pain you describe is life's way of training you in the unfoldment of your own UNIQUE role within this time, a time in which the world has become a very cold and heartless place. Have you ever wondered, beyond the face value, why you were always left standing, why you were always the last one? Is the BEST not always left till last? :) But it also takes TIME (training) to mature an excellent WINE!!! Shift the focus, my friend! See yourself for what you have to OFFER in terms of meeting the NEEDS of those around you. Above all, stand firm in your new-found resolve. We are all standing together WITH you.

With the warmest of regards,