United States of America, versus the United Kingdom from Warriors' Experience

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Dear All,

It is barely eighteen months ago that the UK and NA Forums came into being, but what a long way you have all already come in this time! Yes, there has been faltering and falling! Yes, there has been hiding behind the cupboards! But what a joy it has been to see the "getting up, dusting off, removing the cobwebs," acquired behind the cupboard, <g>, and getting on with it!

The two halves of the Heart Centre? Yes! The one requires dreaming, the other stalking. The UK with its stiff upper lip (intensity) needs to learn to RELAX into the process of life, rather than "feeling" the need to want to educate the barbarians! Dreaming - altered states of perception brings perspective! The USA with its tendency towards emotional slush and slime, or is it schmoozing now(?), does indeed need to stalk with the heart, rather than "feeling" the need to be Big Brother to even those who do not WANT to be mothered! Not-Doing is a good way forward! Dreaming and stalking. Energy and materialisation! Both are needed for true INCLUSIVENESS, for as you have all started to notice, inclusiveness is not EASY and therefore requires a great deal of hard work!

North and West. Action and Feeling! Let us therefore set our intent on MATERIALISING with FEELING! Let us set our INTENT, technically defined as "love in action", on the MATERIALISATION of the One Purpose, inclusiveness!

With all of our love, our warmth and our support,
From the unit in the South