Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on Conflict from Warriors' Experience

  • Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on Conflict
  • Conflict, Théun addressing his apprentices on

Friends, I have been called upon to address you because some of you feel so deeply unhappy about the behaviour of some of the members of the e-Forum. I am now here and I am LISTENING! I would like to respond and give guidance as soon as we have heard from ALL the members who have expressed their concern. What is evident at this point in time is the NEED for each and every member to put their cards on the table. In doing so be ruthlessly HONEST! No ducking and diving. No tip-toeing around the mulberry bush. Just spit it out, however it comes out! I trust and believe that we are all adult enough to handle whatever comes up!

What is transpiring here is not new to someone like me. I deal with this every day in my life. It is normal. It is inevitable. It is necessary for forward propulsion. It is the difference between REALITY versus ROMANTICISM. It is the difference between being a paper warrior versus the inner NEED to become a REAL warrior! It is the difference between hunting for power versus making a bid for power! The two can never be compared. Ultimately the first, if pursued at the cost of everything else, leads to the ENRICHMENT of one's EXISTING life. The second, once commenced, is a path of no return, a path which starts with transmutation, leading to transformation, death of the old, and therefore transfiguration of one's WHOLE life. In the first you get to keep YOUR life, enriched! In the second you lose YOUR life in order to be-come LIFE, to be-come UP-LIFTED! The difference lies in what it is we seek, enrichment or upliftment?

Therefore in giving your feedback in how YOU each feel with respect to the issue at hand, ask yourselves the question, "What am I seeking? Enrichment of my existing life? Or the forfeiting of my existing life in order to be-come at-one with Life, to be-come up-lifted unto my true Self?"

I stand ready to guide.