Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on Sex from Warriors' Experience

  • Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on Sex
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Friends, I have spent some time in reassessing and re-evaluating my work with respect to the Forums. I have looked again at my intent behind this. I have questioned again what I am hoping that all of you can achieve, not only as individuals, but also as three groups of people working with united intent at leading by example, and thereby having a powerful influence within the world around you, and more importantly still, within the web of life. The question that kept coming up for me was, "Considering where humanity is at, and considering what a mess the world is in, am I being REALISTIC in what I am hoping to achieve?"

I underwent an enormous struggle in making the decision to put aside the Mantle of the Dragon Wolf, so as to support FULLY the Yellow Rose of Friendship. I struggled for two main reasons: firstly, I KNOW that although humanity is so very capable of STARTING to work towards gaining knowledge of what constitutes both the purpose of, and the meaning inherent within true friendship, yet humanity is far from ready to LIVE this knowledge; and secondly, because as a three-pronged nagal I embody that purpose which brings to birth the Yellow Rose of Friendship, I was loathe to attempt something that could possibly prostitute the true nature of friendship because of humanity not yet being ready to live that knowledge. What finally brought me to making this decision is the dire need within the world today for at least some warmth, some love. I could no longer bear to stand back and watch men and women being so desperate for a little love or warmth, or both, that they will sell their souls for it! But I was also fully aware of the RISK I am taking, and I also know that the responsibility of this risk rests entirely upon my shoulders. It was my decision, no one else's, and no-one forced me into making this decision. The same goes for the approach I am taking in releasing the knowledge contained in Volume V.

So what is that risk? The risk is that people will use this knowledge, or more precisely, their SELECTIVE understanding of this knowledge, in order to justify their insatiable appetite for sexual lust. It is exactly for this reason that I have adopted such a strong stance with respect to the sexual act, for although Toltecs have always taken a strong stand on this, it is even more vital to exercise utter impeccability in this regard when supporting the Yellow Rose of Friendship. Unless there is a true openness of heart, then whenever love and warmth is imparted or activated in some way, that energy termed love and warmth is forced to express itself, not through the heart as unconditional love, but through the sacral centre, with the result that it calls forth sexual lust. So in a nutshell, the risk I am taking is that either I will gather around me people who do have an openness of heart and therefore can and do express true unconditional love and warmth to the world around them, or else I will end up having created and surrounded myself with monsters of sexual depravity, all trying their damndest to fuck their way to enlightenment, and all in the name of love and warmth!

As you can see from the above, I walk a VERY fine line indeed in having committed myself to all of you in the Forums when I KNOW that very few of you are likely to be TRULY impeccable when it comes to the sexual act. Why do I say it is a fine line? Simply because in working with you I MUST be fully committed, and yet I cannot, DARE not, compromise either myself or the teachings by supporting you in your folly. The moment I compromise myself as an aspect of the spirit, I am compromising the purpose of the Unspeakable, something which ALWAYS results in disaster for all concerned, if not now then later! None of us can defy universal law and then avoid the consequences. There is simply no place to hide from power, and no place that is not permeated by universal intent!!! The only way around this dilemma has been for me to commit myself fully to your TRAINING upon the Warrior's Path, but not YET commit myself fully to YOU, as I am committed to my unit of warriors. This is something which each of you must EARN as you strive to support my purpose ever more strongly. Although this may appear to sound HARSH, yet it is the only way forward at this moment in time. It was either stand back and do nothing until humanity IS ready, or else DO something, but at the same time take CARE that the very people I am reaching out to do NOT manipulate me into compromising the spirit.