Abortion from Warriors' Experience

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What is the Toltec perspective on abortion?


In order to understand the Toltec perspective on abortion first let us rephrase the question in terms of, "What is the Toltec perspective on taking responsibility for one's actions, even sexual actions?"

None of us can ever ESCAPE the consequences of our actions, whether we wish to or not. As a couple, whether married or not, you are having sex, and sex is an action. But like with any action, we do not ALWAYS get the desired result. Yet whatever results we DO get, are STILL the consequences of that action! Abortion is merely a way of running away from the consequences of your action. And there are also consequences to running away. There are consequences to now having a hole in your luminous cocoons.

Whether or not you can AFFORD the consequences is neither here nor there. Power, as you should by now be learning, is unutterably ruthless, and as such has only one rule, called the rule of the hunt: "Power shows no mercy, and grants no quarter. The winner takes ALL." So there is no difference between whether you can afford a parking fine or whether you can afford to have a hole in your cocoon, or whether you can afford to raise a child.

I hope this has brought you the clarity you both seek.