Théun Mares, reflecting on a lost friend from Warriors' Experience

  • Théun Mares, reflecting on a lost friend

Once upon a time there lived an Old Warhorse and a Pony, and these two, brought together through the circumstances of battle, learned what it is to gallop side by side. And so they galloped through battle together, from battle to battle, each battle fostering an ever-growing love between them, as only the nature of doing battle together can do. Then one day the Pony tripped, stumbled and started to fall! But the Warhorse, knowing that the only chance the Pony had not to break a leg in falling, was for him not to stop to mind the Pony, but instead to keep galloping on into the fray of the battle and thereby to show the Pony by example how to stop himself from breaking a leg, by continuing to RUN on into the battle, irrespective of how much he was stumbling and fumbling with his footing.

The Warhorse continued on into the fray of the battle, shouting at the Pony, "Follow, damn it! Follow!"

And so to this day the Old Warhorse still gallops on into battle, ever mindful of those who ride him and of their needs, but also ever looking back over his shoulder, wondering, "Where is the Pony? I miss the Pony! Dear God! Please keep the Pony safe, wherever he may be, on LAND, at SEA, or in the AIR, for I love that Pony!"

An Old Warhorse and a Pony bred to serve a purpose, but in the heat of battle having become separated. Only the meaning inherent within the purpose they serve can close the gap between them, a gap that seems to grow when with the coming of each new day there is still no sight of a Pony, of a friend lost in battle……………………….

Reflections of a Warrior upon the unfinished legend of a Toltec Bard