Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on the World Crisis, 2006 from Warriors' Experience

  • Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on the World Crisis, 2006
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Friends, I am not going to make this complicated in a technical sense, but instead I am going to keep it SIMPLE by merely spelling out what my seer's vision is showing me.

The Last Battle has been commenced, and it is NOT going to be over tomorrow or next year. It will go on for quite a few years, the pendulum, as stated in the relevant prophecy, swinging backwards and forwards between the polarities for a fairly long time to come. It is difficult to work out for how long, but suffice it to say that it appears that the pendulum could swing backwards and forwards quite violently for the next number of years, and thereafter less violently for what could be as long as some 30 odd years. Nonetheless, each time the pendulum swings to one polarity we will experience it as being a reasonably "good" time, and then when it swings to the opposite polarity we will experience it as a "bad" time.

These swings will affect all areas of human endeavour, including economics. Right now we are headed for a "bad" time, and we have only just begun to see the START of the swing. Things will still get much worse before the pendulum can reverse its swing. Therefore my advice at this time is not to become complacent, but instead to strive to be WIDE AWAKE at all times. This is NOT a time in which to act impulsively or recklessly, or to take any unnecessary risks. It is also a time in which to strive for IMPECCABILITY, HUMILITY and OBJECTIVENESS. Face the REALITY of what IS transpiring NOW and become as OPEN to the UNKNOWN as possible. In other words, do NOT stick to the KNOWN in trying to move forward, or in facing challenges, but strive to see BEYOND the FACE VALUE of what is the OBVIOUS in terms of the KNOWN.

This is a perfectly TERRIBLE time to even TRY to hold onto the OLD and the KNOWN, but a WONDER-FULL time in which to drop the pretenses of KNOWING, which includes your SELF-IMAGE and your VIEW OF THE WORLD in pursuit of the UNKNOWN, including your OWN, as of yet, UNEXPLORED POTENTIAL! Although people find it incredibly HARD to get it into their HEADS, it nevertheless is a FACT of REALITY that we CANNOT map out the UNKNOWN from within the CONFINES of the KNOWN. In order to map out the UNKNOWN we must go INTO the UNKNOWN and, in this respect, realize that once IN the UNKNOWN, our EXISTING KNOWLEDGE, the KNOWN, CANNOT possibly help us! Our EXISTING KNOWLEDGE is only of use within the CONTEXT of the KNOWN. In other words, the ONE and ONLY thing that can guide you within the UNKNOWN is the HEART, and therefore the importance of being able to LISTEN to and to ACT upon FEELING.

The MIND and the KNOWN is of no consequence when WITHIN the UNKNOWN, and therefore also the NEED to take huge CARE that you do NOT interpret FEELING according to your view of the world and, of course, your self-image! Needless to say, this is EXACTLY what people do end up doing, for whenever faced with the UNKNOWN, up comes the FEAR, and in that fear they IMMEDIATELY reach for the only thing they know, that is, the KNOWN, their VIEW OF THE WORLD, and their SELF-IMAGE. As a result they MISS the PLOT completely by quite unconsciously choosing to INTERPRET all that they encounter within the UNKNOWN in terms of what is for them the KNOWN!

So indications from power, whether in the form of conversations with other people, omens, dreams, or whatever else, are all interpreted according to what they WANT to believe in order to placate their rational minds and to somehow rid themselves of their fear and sense of discomfort. Therefore far from mapping out the UNKNOWN when faced with it, people instead run away from it, or at least try to, by starting to fight for PRESERVATION of their COMFORT ZONE, their view of the world and their self-image, even though they profess to want to erase their personal history! It makes no sense really, and yet this is precisely what people do because of their fear.

I do believe that I have now given you the guidance that you need at this time and for the immediate years to come, should you wish to act upon it with care! In this respect remember that the warrior is ALWAYS first and foremost a thoroughly PRACTICAL being! In other words, use this guidance in order to get REAL and to get PRACTICAL in facing the UNKNOWN! As a Hunter you should be placing the focus on wanting to LEARN and to MOVE FORWARD in the unfoldment of your FATE! You should not be seeking to preserve your comfort zone, your view of the world, or your self-image! As a Hunter you should be placing the focus on wanting to LIVE by learning what it is to dance the edge, rather than merely EXISTING within the rather dull and boring confines of a comfort zone! In this respect remember that we do NOT learn what it is to be a warrior within the "safety" of a comfort zone. Instead we learn to CLAIM our power AS warriors in moments of CRISIS and of TESTING, and we claim our power, not by submitting to our fear, but by USING that fear in order to become FULLY ALERT, FULLY RE-SPECT-FULL and FULLY ASSURED whilst ENGAGING in the required PRACTICAL ACTION! True ACTION and the FEAR inherent within the Warrior's Shield go hand-in-hand, for they both belong to the North, the battlefield!