Nagal, a, apprenticed, guidance given to an from Warriors' Experience

  • Nagal, a, apprenticed, guidance given to an
  • Théun Mares, giving guidance to an apprenticed nagal
  • Nagal, a, nature of
  • Nagal, a, responsibility of


LOL! Théun, since when do I see myself as God's gift to humanity? I would never be so vain! :)


My dear young nagal, take CARE! I will refrain from telling you what I really think of you, for that may just hurt your "feelings." <wg> So I will keep it polite by saying that you are a BRAINLESS IDIOT! You completely misunderstood what I was trying to say to you about being nagal and, as a result, you have just gone and RUN, let alone WALK into the trap I had set up PURELY as a DEMONSTRATION MODEL of a hunter's skill at being able to STALK his prey!

Now what the hell are we supposed to do with you? You see, because I did not construct this trap for HUNTING, but purely for demonstrating stalking, I omitted to add a hatch through which to remove the prey! There is only a way IN, and no way OUT! So now what to do? Hmmm???! Let me see!

I suppose we could try DRAGGING you out backwards, but that would necessitate first having to TAKE YOU TO PIECES, because there is so MUCH of you that we will never be able to drag you out in one piece! But, oh my! Where to begin! There is not only a LOT of "you", but "you" are also so solid, so DENSE! And SO inflexible!

Oh, stop staring at me like that! I can't think straight when you stare at me so fiercely! LOL!

Now! Where to start?

Hmphhh! Perhaps a good place to start is with your PERCEPTION of yourself! Let us start dismantling you from there. Yes! That is a good place to start! <g>

Your low self-image, my young friend, has caused you to run HEAD-long into this damned trap! Because you do NOT BELIEVE you have any REAL VALUE, you are so keen to PROVE that you do NOT see yourself as God's gift to humanity, which incidentally amounts to FALSE HUMILITY, that you promptly went and proved that you do indeed THINK that you are God's gift to humanity, that is, a gift of FALSE HUMILITY! You young idiot! My previous challenge to you was, "If you THINK you are God's gift to humanity..............." But, of course, in your HASTE to PROCLAIM your innocence of owning such a vile SHORTCOMING, you tried to FORE-GET your freedom and your power by DISOWNING your SHORTCOMINGS!

But what exactly is the shortcoming we are talking about here?

By far your biggest shortcoming, my young friend, just like all TRUE nagals, is that you feel completely inadequate and incompetent for the task at hand. You look at yourself and you THINK, "But I myself am such a schmuck, how can I tell other people what to do with their lives? And if I myself do not know where the hell we are going, how can I lead people to freedom, besides which, people just do NOT really WANT to learn."

Now all of this is undeniably TRUE! You ARE a schmuck! Just like I am a schmuck, and just like everyone else is a schmuck! But if then we are ALL schmucks it means that we are also all EQUAL! Likewise, yes, people do NOT really WANT to LEARN! But do you? Do I? TRUE learning is quite the HARDEST task any man or woman can undertake and, in this respect, I for one, quite OFTEN look at what my fate has in store for me and I say, "Oh, no! Not THAT! Oh, no! I DON'T want to go down that dark tunnel! Oh, God! Why ME?!"

The fact that I have LEARNED not to run away, or even to try to duck and dive my challenges is thanks to the FACT that I HAVE LEARNED the hard way that trying to run away resolves nothing, and yet my learning does NOT CHANGE the way I FEEL about many of my challenges. In other words, if I COULD have life on my own terms I would for sure be writing a very different script to the one I have now! But the point is, no matter HOW MUCH we learn, our challenges never get any smaller, but on the contrary, become bigger, simply because with all new knowledge gained our knowledge becomes bigger and therefore our challenges must grow proportionately, for if they didn't we would stop learning.

So the bottom line is I STILL feel just as incompetent and inadequate as on the first day that I discovered I am nagal and, as a result, I am now in the unfortunate situation, albeit a trap of my own making, that not only do I have to cope with other people's RESISTANCE to learning, but I have to cope with my OWN as well! LOL! How is THAT for poetic justice? <g>

But once again, the point is, if we are all EQUAL, and if we all RESIST learning, then what is this big fuss about feeling inadequate and incompetent all about? It is, quite frankly, BULLSHIT! <g> What it really boils down to is, "I will only fulfil my role as nagal IF I could be a PERFECT being, if I could have the perfect knowledge, if I could have the perfect power, in short, if I could be the perfect nagal!" But what are the implications in such reasoning? Bottom line, I will ONLY play this game IF I WERE God's gift to humanity! Sulk! Sulk! Sulk!

But who said that nagals are God's gift to humanity? Or who said that they should be? Only YOU do, my young friend, because in your perception a nagal IS God's gift to humanity! Why? Because in your perception nagals are somehow elevated above the rest of humanity and, as such, are bigger and better, and therefore have the responsibility of leading people to freedom! But because you as yet FAIL to be good enough in your own EYES, you are sulking! See my point now? :)

No! Of course not! You are MUCH too DENSE and INFLEXIBLE! So let me try to express this in another way. :)

If we ARE all equal, nagal or not, then surely we are either ALL God's gift to humanity, or alternatively we are ALL God's REVENGE upon humanity! LOL! But either way, gift or revenge, we ARE all equal! So where are you going to place the focus? Are you going to put the focus on, "Because I am not perfect, and because I am incompetent and inadequate all of you schmucks who look to me to lead you are also incompetent and inadequate schmucks! And what's more I will PROVE it to you." Or are you going to put the focus on, "Hey! If I am MEANT to be leading people to freedom, then surely it means that I DO have something of VALUE to offer people, and if we are all equal, then it means that we ALL have something of VALUE to offer each other. Therefore my REAL job as nagal is to find my OWN value so that I can help other people find THEIR value, and in this way, call it intelligent co-operation if you will, we can ALL help each other!"

If you go the first route you will find yourself wanting to take REVENGE on those around you. But if you go the second route you will find yourself wanting to UPLIFT those around you. Why? It is really SIMPLICITY itself! In trying to find your OWN value you will automatically try to find the value in those around you, for they ARE your mirrors! But in trying to find YOUR own value, you will also not want all the bullshit that people are trying to offer you in terms of being your mirror! And so you will find yourself starting to kick arse, NOT because you are taking revenge, but because you want to get to what is of VALUE in both THEM and YOU!

So, my young friend, the bottom line in all of this is that being nagal means that it is your destiny to LEAD people to freedom by LEARNING, first of all what constitutes freedom, and secondly HOW to LEAD people to it! This is exactly the same principle at work as in every other area of life, that is, doctors become doctors so as to learn HOW to HEAL; lawyers become lawyers so as to learn HOW to exercise JUSTICE; teachers become teachers so as to learn HOW to TEACH; and parents become parents in order to learn HOW to be PARENTS!

So to come back to my point. When I challenged you on THINKING that you are God's gift to humanity, I was REALLY challenging you on your COMMITMENT as nagal, as well as your KNOWLEDGE concerning your jewel! I did this because yesterday evening when we were having a drink you asked me, "So, Théun! What is my jewel?" I knew full well that you wished me to expound upon the MEANING of your jewel, but in order to do so I offered you the opportunity to CLAIM at least some KNOWLEDGE concerning your jewel by throwing a curved ball at you, and in this way challenging you on your current COURAGE. So I counter-challenged you with the response, "I can't believe you are translating my books!" But your COURAGE, my young friend, was such that you immediately threw in the towel by saying, "Oh, Théun! I KNOW, it is 18!" And that was that! You had asked for a lesson in courage, got it, missed it, and it was over! So all I could do was to laugh at your folly! Which I did! <wg>

But what a coward you are! Not much COURAGE there as of yet! But now in having started to interact with me you are once again calling forth the teachings! But you are such a PRICK, and so DENSE that the only "courage" you have managed to demonstrate so far, is your UNWILLINGNESS to LEARN! For example, what do I REALLY mean by challenging your THINKING about being God's gift to humanity? But before you AGAIN miss the plot, allow me to spell it out for you!

What is it that humanity NEEDS now more than ever before? First of all the NEED to shift the focus from being VICTIM to at least the POSSIBILITY of being VICTOR! Secondly, the COURAGE to ACT! Thirdly, a LIVING EXAMPLE of HOW to move forward! IF you can MEET those NEEDS, my friend, then you will IN-DEED be-come God's gift to humanity, just as ALL of us are meant to be gifts unto each other! But you will demonstrate this, NOT in your THINKING, but in your DEEDS, your ACTIONS, for God's gift to humanity IS love, and true love is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IN ACTION, something that requires a GREAT DEAL of COURAGE in order to embody!

Furthermore, in learning to do that, you will also succeed in learning that the greatest GIFT you can ever give your-SELF, is to ACQUIRE that HUMILITY that enables the nagal, or anyone else, for that matter, to step over his own FEAR of inadequacy and incompetency simply because his own INNER NEED to MEET the NEEDS of others is greater than his sense of FEAR for the self! In this respect realize that fear concerns only the self, but MEETING the NEEDS of others concerns the SELF, for the Dreamers of mankind are all FULLY GROUP-CONSCIOUS and therefore FULLY INCLUSIVE! But to put all of this very, very simplistically: people THINK that it is bad to be seen as a GIFT, and therefore people do NOT want anybody to THINK that they THINK they could POSSIBLY be God's gift to humanity! How truly perverted! How truly INCONGRUOUS! Just because everyone else wants to INDULGE in feeling bad, must you then lower yourself to their level by denying yourself your own potential? Yet it would indeed seem that it is considered to be somehow bad, conceited and arrogant to strive to become a TRUE friend, for what greater gift can any of us offer, other than FRIENDSHIP? But if then we are not allowed to be a GIFT, does this then mean that we must be God's REVENGE upon humanity, because this is EXACTLY what everyone believes and IS practicing! Have a good look around you in the world, and tell me what you see! Do you see GIFTS, or do you see REVENGE? Do you see the embodiment of LOVE IN ACTION, or do you see HATRED, FEAR and SEPARATIVENESS?

So now what of nagals being nasty? Nagals are nasty, yes, because instead of being willing to support people in wanting to be God's REVENGE upon humanity, they INSIST on being spoil-sports, and being spoil-sports they APPEAR to be quite nasty in NOT wanting to play along with the bullshit! Perhaps you THINK that to shy away from being God's gift to humanity when challenged on it is to be humble, but I don't! I don't THINK that I am God's gift to humanity, but instead I KNOW that to be a gift takes a great deal of HARD work, and a great deal of COURAGE. But DO-ING that work and building that courage is for me a Path with a Heart. Why? Simply because I do not want to reach the end of my life knowing that I have been God's REVENGE upon humanity! Is that being conceited? Is that being nasty? I guess many people would say, "Yes!" Well that's just too bad! They are welcome to keep their FALSE HUMILITY! I have no NEED for it, and neither do those I am endeavouring to lead to freedom.

I will continue to teach that if you UPLIFT yourself you automatically uplift those around you. I will continue to teach that the only way in which to LEAD is to lead BY EXAMPLE! And I will continue to teach that because NONE of us can possibly justify the GIFT of life, the ONLY gift we can give in return, is the GIFT of SELF! But how can anyone in their right minds look upon REVENGE as being a gift? That to me spells the height of arrogance, conceit and disrespect! No! If you wish to GIVE in order to say THANKS for the opportunity to LEARN, then give your-SELF by striving with every fibre of your being to BE an impeccable GIFT! Nothing short of this can even BEGIN to justify the priceless gift of life! :)

Well, my young friend, all this business of taking you to pieces is now becoming a bit much, so enough for now. Sorry! There is still TOO much of you to drag you out of this trap, so you are just going to have to sit in there and contemplate what we have done so far! But rest assured, I WILL be back!

We'll speak again soon, Sunshine!