Emotional, impetus, of the Unspeakable from Warriors' Experience

  • Emotional, impetus, of the Unspeakable
  • Unspeakable, the, emotional impetus of
  • Learning, ineptness within


I feel like a bull in a china shop in this group. I try my best to learn but always end up upsetting everyone around me! I am starting to feel really bad about myself for being so clumsy in my learning!


Now there you go AGAIN being a silly girl! Why beat up on yourself BECAUSE you are learning what you MOST NEED to learn? When I reprimanded you on attacking your fellow apprentices, I was merely pointing out to you that you CANNOT expect your fellow apprentices provide US with the SOBRIETY which we ALL need to find at this point in TIME! TIME, that is, the EMOTIONAL IMPETUS of the Unspeakable, is having a weird effect upon all of life on our planet now that the Cry of the Eagle has sounded! We therefore NOW, even more so than ever before, need to have as much clarity on our OWN emotions as we can muster, for only in this way do we stand any chance at all of being able to find our way forward through what is quite literally EMOTIONAL CHAOS! We are ALL experiencing this CHAOS in our OWN way, but as warriors and hunters it is our RESPONSE-ABILITY to use our emotions with a SKILL that will enable us to use this present challenge to our ADVANTAGE, rather than allowing it to debilitate us because we are merely RE-ACTING to the CHAOS!

So there is no need to feel bad yourself! Kick down that goddamned wall you built up around yourself, stop RESISTING, get cracking with your recapitulation, and KEEP FIGHTING to LEARN what YOU most NEED to learn! If then some of your fellow apprentices get some "sand" in their eyes because of your present ineptness in the sandpit, well, let us just say that THEY will learn, and YOU will learn! By this I am NOT implying that you are being given a LICENSE to willfully hurt others, but what I AM saying is that you cannot and must not DENY yourself the opportunity to learn simply because you FEAR you may hurt someone else!