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I have found my parents to be very conditional in their love. I have many times spoken to them about this, but they just cannot see my point. What should I do to help them change this?


<wg> CHOOSING our parents is quite a mission! But somehow we always manage to find JUST the right ones! So you should love them for who and what they are, for this is EXACTLY why you chose them! In other words, you did NOT choose them to CHANGE them now! Just in having chosen them, the poor bastards, you have ALREADY changed them MORE than you can possibly imagine! <wg>

So, my friend, about that, er, unconditional love. Uhm! Where is it, my friend? <wg>

Don't you think that it is mind-blowing just how self-righteously indignant and CONDITIONAL we can become in DEMANDING unconditional love from others? Hmmmmm?