Forebearance, explained from Warriors' Experience

  • Forebearance, explained


Théun, I would like to ask about forbearance, and how this relates to unconditional love versus conditional love?


The greatest gift in FORBEARANCE is learning to LET GO! Once we have learned to let go, INTENT becomes ACTIVE, intent being unconditional love in action! But people are normally so BUSY setting their "intent" on wanting to have life on their own terms that not only do they keep themselves STUCK, but so too does forbearance become a living nightmare! Surprising? Not really when one comes to realize that ANY action, including CONDITIONAL love, MUST be reflected back to us by the world around us!

But the MYSTERY surrounding INTENT is that INTENT is NOT based upon CONDITIONS! Humanity finds this so hard to LEARN! And thus people make statements like, "But I AM setting my intent, so bloody well MAKE it happen! But I AM being a good boy, so REWARD me! But I AM on the Warrior's Path, so of course I should be treated differently!" etc., etc., etc. In short, "Can't LIFE see that I AM striving to MEET the CONDITIONS in my life, so what is its problem in meeting MY set of conditions?"

However, true intent becomes active once we have learned that MIRRORS work BOTH ways! Conditional love is reflected. Unconditional love is reflected.