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I would like to ask about making the bid for power. Because I am a married man my understanding is that my wife and I should make our bids for power together. Is this correct?


You and your wife CANNOT make a bid for power together as a unit. Your wife is not YOUR wife and neither is she BONDED to you! Please remember that your wife is a woman ONLY in THIS lifetime, but the REAL indwelling being that you look upon as being your wife is as much a unit of the One Spirit as you are! So forget it, Sunshine! You BOTH need to make a bid for power as INDIVIDUALS!

However, being in a FEMALE incarnation in this lifetime, your wife SHOULD have thrown her lot in with yours on the day she DE-CIDED to marry you! If she did, then she is waiting for YOU to make a bid for power so that she can TAKE YOUR LEAD! If she didn't, or is perhaps now considering that she made a MISS-TAKE in taking your lead in the first place, then this could well be the cause of your marital problems. But EITHER way, it comes back to YOU as the MALE to provide a CLEAR lead!

By the way, why is your wife not part of the group? :)