Nagal, a, challenging, examples of from Warriors' Experience

  • Nagal, a, challenging, examples of


Théun, I sometimes find that I do not feel I trust you. Is this because you are a stalker?


Your admission says it all, no? Therefore I am not at all sure what it is you are wanting from me. Do you wish me to train your MIND? Or do you wish me to GUIDE you to your HEART? In other words, do you wish me to dispel your fears, doubts and insecurities by PLACATING your rational mind? If so! Go get LOST - PERMANENTLY! If, on the other hand, you truly FEEL that I give you CAUSE to be distrustful of me, then LISTEN to your HEART, take your COURAGE into BOTH HANDS and get the hell out of here BEFORE I harm you!

I am a stalker, TRUE! And it is equally true that a stalker's truth is NOT always the truth you THINK you are hearing! But WHO is doing the THINKING? WHO is doing the HEARING? So WHAT do you WANT from me?

Do you wish to have a relationship with me based upon me placating your MIND? If so, then you have come knocking on the wrong door! I do not DO minds! It is unfortunately not my predilection! I just don't fuck with minds! But this is NOT to say that you will NOT find many others that DO! If this is YOUR predilection, then please FEEL FREE to seek them out!