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  • Busyness, cause of
  • Escapism (s), cause of
  • Time, speeding up
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I have noticed that time appears to be speeding up. What does this mean? Does it mean I am becoming more aware?


It is true that time appears to speed up the more aware you become, but this is only because the more aware you are the MORE there is to DO, physically, emotionally and mentally! But by the same token, most people strive to fill their lives with more and more busy-ness merely as a form of ESCAPISM, yet once again busy-ness gives the impression that time is speeding up.

Warriors, being FULLY AWARE, that is, WIDE AWAKE, compress time, meaning that EVERY INSTANT in time is seen in its FULL SCOPE, right down to the minutest DETAIL of whatever is transpiring instant by instant! But this is vastly different to the average man or woman who spends MOST of his or her time being wholly UNAWARE of what is taking place beyond the mere face value and therefore, technically speaking, being half-asleep!