Time, and speed, explained from Warriors' Experience

  • Time, and speed, explained
  • Speed, and time, explained
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  • Thought (s), true
  • Feeling (s), nature of


I understand that speed is linked to time and awareness, but is this why it is so important to the warrior? Or is it more the speed with which we live in the Now that is important?


You take the term speed too much at face value. Although the face value DOES have RELEVANCE, yet the speed the warrior refers to is FAR MORE than simply the time-awareness ratio. Speed has to do with FEELING and TRUE THOUGHT, both of which are INSTANTANEOUS, as opposed to the long-winded, laborious and time-consuming processes involved in RATIONAL LINEAR THINKING! Computing, just like ANY computing, TAKES time! Whereas TRUE THOUGHT or FEELING takes NO time! The point is that computing is SLOW and time-consuming, even IF you are fully aware!

Do you grasp?