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Théun, I have reason to believe that I am starting to see. Can you give please me some guidance on this?


Realise that EVERYONE has the ability to see, but it NEEDS to be DEVELOPED and TRAINED with CARE! Unless properly trained an apprentice seer can VERY EASILY go off the deep end and lead others hopelessly up the garden path! TRUE seeing is NOT clairvoyance, or clairaudience, or mental telepathy, psychometry or any OTHER psychic ability that is SO EASILY mistaken for seeing! Let me REITERATE once again, and then AGAIN! ALL of the so-called PSYCHIC POWERS of man belong to the First Ring of Power! In themselves they can be useful, but ONLY WITHIN LIMITS, and as a RULE they are more TROUBLE than they have value!

True seeing is NOT a psychic ability, but is instead the NATURAL RESULT of having ALL THREE HEAD CENTRES fully ACTIVE and CO-ORDINATED with the HEART CENTRE! The result of this is NOT something that can be explained in terms of words! It just IS! BUT the BIG DANGER in seeing lies in HOW the MIND INTERPRETS what is seen! And it is HEREIN where lies the greatest amount of training! It takes an ENORMOUS amount of work to be able to see, and then once you CAN see, it is ALL TOO EASY to see eagles, yellow roses, flying French Poodles and all sorts of unadulterated CRAP! But WHAT does all this CRAP mean? Quite frankly, it is nothing but CRAP, the MIND'S INTERPRETATION of something BEYOND its scope!

I cannot possibly even BEGIN to explain to you HOW MUCH training it takes to be able to SEE BEYOND the INTERPRETATIONS of the MIND! So what that there is a Yellow Rose of Friendship? Do you KNOW WHAT this visual impact MEANS? So what that there is an Eagle! Great stuff! But WHAT does it MEAN, and WHAT KNOWLEDGE does this visual impact hold? If you CAN tell me, THEN, and ONLY then will I salute you as a seer! Until then you are playing with FIRE, and those who play with fire get BURNED, sometimes very, very BADLY! Do you grasp?

What I am saying is drop the romance concerning seeing, and CONCENTRATE on becoming an IMPECCABLE warrior, and ONLY then, only THEN, will seeing begin to have for you the meaning that it is meant to have! But if seeing is more important for you than learning what it is to become an IMPECCABLE warrior with a FULL OPENNESS of HEART, let alone activating and co-ordinating the three head centres, then PLEASE go away, for you are quite simply a LIABILITY and NOT an ASSET! Your value, my friend, does NOT lie in your ability as a seer, or as you once so firmly believed, in being nagal! And even IF you ARE a nagal and a seer, you are STILL UNTRAINED, and it takes MANY LIFETIMES to train a WARRIOR, but it takes even MORE lifetimes to train nagals, and it takes an INORDINATE number of lifetimes to train a goddamned seer! Anyone who tells you something else is a LIAR, and should be shot DEADER than DEAD!