Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on Humour from Warriors' Experience

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Friends, once upon a time...............

There lived a crackpot of a man who found himself driving his CAR in a terrible hurry. All who met him asked, "Why are you in such a hurry?"

The crackpot could not really ex-plane, and so mumbled a few incoherent words and made his WAY in a hurry!

But then one day, once again having made his WAY, he stopped his CAR, sat down despondent by the side of a FISH-POND and reflected upon the course of his life. "Hurry? Hurry to where? Hurry for what? Hurry for whom?" And suddenly the truth dawned upon him, and DE-LIGHT-ED he laughed and laughed at the sheer folly of it all! But in the spirit of that laughter he DE-CIDED that he should not just have a CAR, but a sports CAR! For at least, in THAT way he could ex-plane to people why he is for ever in the FAST LANE!

The crackpot bought his sports model and made his WAY. But lo and behold, what did the crackpot find? THREE old ladies, sincere as the day they were born, but also quite as PALE, SHRIVELLED and WRINKLED as the day they were born! PALE for the lack of hope. SHRIVELLED for the lack of belief. WRINKLED for the lack of purpose. So the crackpot stopped, his heart going out to these THREE OLD ladies.

"Why?" he argued. "Surely I can afford to give these THREE OLD ladies the thrill of their lives?"

Without THOUGHT, the crackpot EN-COURAGED the THREE OLD ladies into his sports CAR! Excited, the THREE OLD ladies clambered into the REAR of the crackpot's sports CAR.

EAGER to add some COLOUR to their PALE cheeks, the crackpot SLAMMED his sports CAR into GEAR! HOPEFUL that the WIND from the SPEED would restore STRENGTH to their SHRIVELLED SPINES, he put his FOOT down FIRMLY! BELIEVING that taking them into the FAST LANE would restore BLOOD to their WRINKLED SKIN, the crackpot DROVE his sports CAR to its LIMITS!

But racing down the FAST LANE the crackpot noticed that in the REAR all had fallen into a hush. BREATH-LESS, but not taking his EYES off the WAY of his CAR clocking 200, he called back over his SHOULDER, "Some SPEED, hey?"

Only one OLD lady answered, bewildered, frightened, and………………………pissed off! "Yes! Some's pee'd! Some's poo'ed! Some's passed right OUT!"

A stark reality! LOL! And the moral of the story is, "Laugh! It could be your last laughter! If you cannot laugh, SMILE!"