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Théun, as Courier to the nagal I find myself running away from you, even though I long to build a closer relationship with you and so learn more about my role. But I have only recently come to realise how much I fear the male. Can you give me some guidance on this, please?


:) I KNOW! But, my friend, you CANNOT build ANY relationship upon the past! It is YOU that SITS upon the past, instead of TAKING from it the gifts of power you NEED in order to move forward! You are STILL so ANGRY at the male BECAUSE you FEAR the male so much! But it is NOT the MALE you are angry at, and neither is it the MALE that you fear! Instead it is MEN that you are angry at, and MEN that you fear!

Believe it or not, my friend, but THIS is also my challenge in this lifetime! I KNOW that IF I am to make a difference in the world around me, then I MUST reach the MEN of this world, in the HOPE that I can EN-COURAGE the MALE in them to come forward! Why? Because the MALE is the physical plane representative of the spirit! But in order to accomplish this I KNOW that I MUST get men to open their hearts! Yet HOW to do this when I KNOW that men cannot be trusted, because they THINK with their penises? How to do this when I KNOW that men like to be MOTHERED like LITTLE BOYS? How to do this when I KNOW that men are living in their MINDS, rather than striving to open their hearts? How to do this when men will use even the teachings to JUSTIFY raping everything in sight?

To be honest, my friend, I don't know! But it does not phase me that I do not know. Why? Because for me it is a JOURNEY of LEARNING, and of IMPARTING what I am learning along the way! So apart from doing my IMPECCABLE best to LEARN, I can only lead by example! Quite frankly, I don't know what else to do!

Yes! It would be my privilege to have you share this journey with me, nagal's Courier! I sure could do with the companionship! And it would be GREAT to have a scout out front! Is it therefore surprising that we should both have the same challenge? :)