Freedom, the price of from Warriors' Experience

  • Freedom, the price of


Théun, I have heard you say that there is a price to be paid for freedom. What do you mean by this?


There is nothing in this universe which is for nothing. There is a price attached to everything, and of all things, it is freedom that is the most expensive. There are but a few people who are really WILLING to pay the price required for freedom, and of these few even fewer are truly PRE-PARED to pay the price when it comes to ACTUALLY having to pay it!

What is that price? It is to UNDER-STAND WITH HUMILITY, an apparently small price when looked at intellectually, but a most difficult price to MEET in PRACTICE! Why? Because it is not a price that is paid ONCE and then you own freedom. Instead it is a COMMITMENT for life and for every life thereafter! Freedom cannot be bought for any money in the world. Freedom has to be bought with life, YOUR life!

Yet it is exactly here where most people, when push comes to shove, will dig in their heels, resisting giving up their existing lives for a life dictated by fate! So it comes down to having to FIGHT to let go, something which only a warrior is truly ABLE to do! The average man or woman fights to KEEP his or her existing life. The warrior fights to LOSE his existing life!