Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on Responsibility from Warriors' Experience

  • Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on Responsibility
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Friends, I would like to address you on something I am hearing FAR too much around here, namely, "......because Théun says so."

This phrase is a statement that always brings about within me a depth of sadness I sometimes find to be overwhelming!

Why MUST it be because Théun says? Why can't it be because YOUR heart says? Why must I keep shouldering a responsibility that is YOURS? Is it merely so that ultimately people can turn around and say, "THAT is what YOU say, Théun, but I now KNOW that my life, my purpose and my path lies elsewhere! In other words, this has not worked, and because it has not worked YOU, Théun, are to blame, because in trying to listen to YOU I have been forcing a square peg into a round hole!"

At times like that I wonder where is "elsewhere?" Do we then live in a separative universe? Will it always be a question of you and me, here and there, now and then? If I knew where "elsewhere" was I may just go there to get away from the madness of the dream!

But now look at this also from the other side of the coin, namely, the ONLY knowledge there is, is that gained through personal experience! How TRUE! BUT does this give people a licence to behave in a diabolical fashion, only to then blame ME for their actions?

Many of you mutter under your breaths, "But HOW can Théun deny us the opportunity to gain our OWN knowledge? Surely a little experience in hand is worth far more than a whole book of theory?" And in response I say, "YES! Go out there and LEARN through your OWN experience!"

So, go then and murder someone to find out what it MEANS to murder! You can then PROUDLY wear your new-found knowledge as a BADGE, saying to the whole world, "Look! I KNOW from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE what it MEANS to murder! And I WISH you could have seen the look in the eyes of my victim when I murdered him! Man! WHAT an experience! WHAT a knowledge! Am I not GREAT?!"

So WHERE do YOU wish to draw the line? Is it not ALSO possible to learn FROM other people's mistakes? Why MUST you RESIST simply because I say that what you are doing is not RIGHT?! Why do you call forth my guidance only so that you can RESIST it? Where then is the WILLINGNESS to learn? Where is the INTELLIGENT CO-OPERATION? You wish to learn, yet you are NOT WILLING to co-operate! You wish to have an unequivocal commitment from me, yet you refuse to co-operate with me intelligently! In short, YOU want MY co-operation in ALLOWING you to perpetuate your folly! But when I refuse, what THEN?

But as I said in my challenge to you all, if it means going alone, I am going! Not AWAY, for that I could never do, but INTO! The tears are there, yes, but they don't keep me from going.