Change (s), failing to, cause of from Warriors' Experience

  • Change (s), failing to, cause of
  • Determination, grim
  • Sobriety (Clarity), dangers within
  • Sobriety (Clarity), nature of
  • Change (s), requirements for


Théun, after all this time I feel that I have finally found the clarity I need so badly in order to truly change my ways. Thank for having been there for me all this time, even though I have often been such a pain in the arse!


:) It is uplifting to see that finally you are no longer thinking in circles, but at least starting to think STRAIGHT! But still I feel a sadness in what you say! Why? Because you are STILL coming from the mind, even if you ARE thinking straight!

My friend, no matter HOW MUCH clarity we arrive at, clarity by itself changes nothing! We can achieve a HUGE amount of clarity, and yet never change anything at all! This is true even IF that clarity has been achieved through experience! Let me explain it in this way!

If you follow a course of action based upon what you THINK is right, and yet again and again you burn your fingers, finally through hard-won experience you may have achieved enough clarity for your mind to say, "No! That road only leads me into getting my fingers burnt!" So what do people do then? They set about with what I term a GRIM DETERMINATION to change their actions! And believe me, GRIM it is! So fierce is the determination to change that all joy flies out the window and only a GRIMNESS remains! But worse still, because there is no joy left the whole journey becomes a BURDEN, a CLINICAL DUTY to be performed! But there is no real HEART in a clinical duty or in a burden! So what happens?

Because there is no HEART to be found in that GRIM DETERMINATION people fail again and again to bring about real change, simply because the way in which they go about it holds for them no heart! It is just, quite simply, a MISSION of SELF-TORTURE! Such a mission never can, and never does work! It always ends up in failure and therefore confirms to the person concerned that he or she is worthless and inadequate!

The ONLY thing that does work is to fight like all hell to achieve the required SOBRIETY and then, once that clarity has been achieved, to EMBRACE DEATH with all of your HEART! Without Death of the Old there can be NO real CHANGE! But the problem lies in the fact that people WANT to change, but they also do NOT WANT their OLD SELVES to die! Believing their OLD SELVES to be the real them, people try with GRIM DETERMINATION to change, whilst HOLDING ONTO the OLD with everything they possess! Misguidedly, they see this paradoxical action as an act of survival! Ironically, an act of survival it is indeed! The OLD SELF survives, now stronger than ever before!

Find your HEART, my friend, and learn to LISTEN to it! Then let your DEATH guide you! :)