Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on the Failure of an Apprentice from Warriors' Experience

  • Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on the Failure of an Apprentice
  • Apprentice (s), failure of an, example of
  • Failure, of an apprentice, example of
  • Sacrifice, meaning of
  • Failure, of an apprentice

Friends, I wish to address the most recent departure from the group of one of our most loved members, Z. But first I wish to express that I feel deeply touched and very uplifted and supported by all the very excellent work that has been done amongst yourselves this past week! If you can keep up this momentum and resolve you cannot but WIN! I am also deeply inspired by the genuine CARE-ING for each other that is finally starting to emerge on the e-Forum! The sandpit is beginning to feel less gritty and abrasive, and much more warm and comforting! But DO watch out for our OLD "friend" complacency!

As for Z. Yes, it IS sad! Perhaps far more sad than any of you truly realize, for none of you know the FULL story concerning Z! Why? Simply because Z has conveniently forgotten about where he was at when I first met him. He has conveniently forgotten the MANY private conversations he and I had, sometimes at the most ungodly hours of the night!

Nonetheless, RE-MEMBER that the warrior's way is to UTILISE the folly of his fellow men! How? By LEARNING from that folly! Learning something about the SELF! In this way we SUPPORT the universal Law of Economy, and therefore even the folly of our fellow men becomes, not RUBBISH to be DIS-CARDED, but becomes instead something of VALUE! In this way we DO make a difference in the world around us, and in this way we demonstrate unconditional love in action, rather than turning everything into trash because of the blame game. This is the true meaning of that much maligned and little under-stood word, SACRIFICE! In other words, as warriors we TAKE the folly of ourselves and of others and we TRANSMUTE it into something of VALUE, we make it SACRED by SACRIFICING it!

So! Are we going to fall around like so many brainless morons because of what has transpired? Or are we EACH, in our OWN UNIQUE way going to TAKE what Z BROUGHT us, and TRANSMUTE it into something that has VALUE, that is SACRED? If any of you who have expressed your sense of loss at Z leaving us have ever TRULY loved him, then DEMONSTRATE that love NOW by TAKING his folly and making it SACRED! In this way he will live in your hearts for ever! Only in this way CAN we really EXPRESS true love! Everything else is merely so many words, and we all know how CHEAP and therefore easily forgotten words can be!

Will Z be RE-MEMBERED as a loved being? Or is he merely going to GO DOWN in history as someone with so many words inscribed upon his "tombstone?"