Nagal, a, challenging, examples of from Warriors' Experience

  • Nagal, a, challenging, examples of


Théun, how can we be sure that your guidance to us is infallibly correct?


<ebwg> My friend, NONE of you, and I repeat, NONE of you have to take my word on ANYTHING I say! In this respect I have OFTEN enough told you to follow me ONLY IF your HEART tells you to do so, and NOT because of me!

Like any other nagal, I am the MESSENGER who has been assigned the DUBIOUS honour of BRINGING you the teachings! If the teachings ring true for you, then put them into practice, for only in this way can you VERIFY the information imparted through your OWN KNOWLEDGE gained from EXPERIENCE! If, on the other hand, the teachings do not ring true for you, then just do us all a bloody favour and TRASH them! Don't even BOTHER putting it into practice, for even if you were to try it would only be in a half-hearted manner anyway! <wg>