Anxiety, explained from Warriors' Experience

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Could you please share with us about anxiety? I often feel anxious when I have work to do. However, what I have noticed is that if I finish the work the anxiety is less, but I still feel tense for some reason. If I don't finish the work, but at least do some of it, the anxiety is also less, but there is also still a tension with this. So I am always just tense and anxious.


Being GOAL orientated always brings about TENSION, and this tension manifests as ANXIETY! Relax INTO the process of life and the SAME tension becomes UPLIFTING and LIFE-SUPPORTIVE, as in the tensions inherent WITHIN the web of life, manifesting as EXHILARATION!

Furthermore, COMPLETION brings about VITALITY, but this can only take place when you see completion for what it truly is! For example, is a housewife's work EVER done? No! For no sooner have you washed, dried and packed away the dishes, when it is time to take them out and dirty them once more! The same with laundry, etc. And so with completion! Completion is forever folding back upon itself within the PROCESS of EVOLUTION! The trick lies in learning to work WITH the process, rather than AGAINST it.