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Théun, why is it that you care so little for the Christian Church?


:( Because the Church has turned its back upon the One Truth, and in doing so has purposely led humanity astray! So today people believe in heaven and hell, instead of striving to understand the One Purpose.

Yet there was a time when the Church DID know this purpose, for the early fathers themselves wrote many ancient truisms. As an example I will give you one affirmation from the Forgotten Catechisms of the Christian Church:

"I love my Mother as I love my Father,
And as my Father and I are One,
So am I at-one with my Mother's tears.

"My Father's purpose is my purpose,
And within that purpose my Mother travails
Until the end of time.

"Travailing thus my Mother cries,
For in supporting the purpose of her spouse,
Her sons know neither her nor their Father.

"Thus her sons lusting for the form,
Rape the Mother already with child,
The child that must be born to die the Son.

"Thus the child is born again and again,
Each time to die as the Son of Man,
In fulfillment of the Father's purpose.

"My Mother, into thy womb I entrust my birth,
My Father, into thy hands I entrust my death.
My Father, my Mother, I your son, understand."