Théun Mares, Son of Mara, the One of Tears from Warriors' Experience

  • Théun Mares, Son of Mara, the One of Tears
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Théun, how did you get the title Son of Mara, the One of Tears?


:) I earned it when I learned what it is to lead by example. I earned it when I stood with my hat in hand in witnessing the great love for the spirit of two formidable kingdoms of nature, BOTH leading by example! One, the mineral kingdom; the other, the vegetable kingdom. The first is an ACTIVE participation WITHIN the process of LIFE; the other is a PASSIVE acceptance OF the process of LIFE!

What I saw brought me down onto BOTH KNEES crying! Words cannot do such a vision justice! How does one explain RADIOACTIVITY? How does one explain being ROOTED to the earth? On that day I saw, my friend, I saw in the fullest possible sense of the word! And I cried the tears of millennia!

But my tears fell to the EARTH! And I learned then that tears too nourish the parched earth! I earned this title from those who came to me in that moment of realization, namely, the "little ones", those whom Toltecs refer to as the inorganic realm. The inorganic realm, unlike the minerals who are ACTIVE and therefore can give OF themselves, cannot give OF themselves. Instead the inorganic realm very much NEEDS the earth, the sun and the water in order to GIVE themselves wholly, something they do so WILLINGLY and FREELY even without much support! It is these who named me as I am now known amongst them, since that day when I came to understand their role within life. :)