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Théun, can you tell us more about the Mysteries of Ibezhan and the other time capsules you have mentioned? Also, do the Mysteries of Ibezhan explain the Toltec stance on sex, and why you have stated that you are loathe to reveal these ancient mysteries?


The short and the long of it is that I alone CANNOT open any goddamned time capsule! It takes the COMBINED power of a minimum of 3 Guardians, or alternatively 7 Toltecs of the Third Attention to open one of these little horrors! What's more is that these things have not been opened since the day they were sealed, and neither do those of us who know what lies locked within them have any great DESIRE to open them! Why? Now THIS is not an easy question to answer! But let us look at your concerns with respect to the issue of sex.

Believe it or not, but there was a time when the HU-MAN being was so little advanced that he was completely UNMOTIVATED to DO anything! In fact man was so unadvanced that he wasn't even motivated to fight for his SURVIVAL! So to cut a long story short, in order to GET humanity MOTIVATED, the Guardians introduced man to THE most powerful force in the whole universe, SEX! But, unfortunately, once the hu-man had DIS-COVERED the "joys" of sex, men and women became SO utterly "inspired" by it, LOL, that like with most of what humanity latches onto, man became thoroughly ADDICTED to trying to EXCEL in this new adventure! So it was not long before humanity was, quite literally, fucking up such a STORM that all hell started to break loose!

Admittedly, when I say it did not take too long, I mean quite a few tens of thousands of years! But, nonetheless, even after thousands of years, humanity DID get "there," and by then the greatest threat of all came from the likes of the Old Seers, together with the powerful sorcerers of yester-year! Sex-magic started to flourish! Sex started to be used as both REWARD as well as PUNISHMENT! For example, if you are a good girl you get to have sex with the High Priest! But if you are a bad boy, you get to be raped by a horde of horny soldiers! Sex also started to be used in EXPERIMENTATION! For example, let's see what kind of sexual energy we can tap into when a virgin is screwed by a horse! Would it resemble the type of sexual energy that is called forth when a choir boy is raped to death? And so terminal sex too became quite COMMON! In short, sex was used in just about every possible CONCEIVABLE fashion! Whether you SURVIVED the "con-cept-ion" or not was quite immaterial! It was the POWER that comes from being able to WIELD the force of the sexual energy that had become important!

So it wasn't what you may term "bible school," or a sense of morality that caused Toltecs to adopt the stance they have towards sex! And neither was it about uncontained LUST, or about man getting his rocks off at whatever cost, that concerned Toltecs so deeply about humanity's wanton ways. Instead it was the vast DESTRUCTION caused by humanity's, by then, INSATIABLE appetite for the POWER that can be harvested from the release of the sexual energy, that caused Toltecs so much concern!

Those Toltecs who were dedicated to the Path of Freedom were fast becoming at a loss as to how to stem this TIDE of DESTRUCTION, and therefore when EVENTUALLY it looked like humanity would not stop until there was world-wide destruction, the Guardians agreed to help these Toltecs construct various time-capsules into which were locked the knowledge of HOW to extract and utilize the power generated through the practices of sorcery! The time capsule at what had by then become the abandoned site of the ancient Temple of Ibezhan, was chosen as the depository of the practices concerning SEX and SEX MAGIC! Needless to say, MUCH of the knowledge that is locked into this time capsule concerns the sexual energy as a physical manifestation of INTENT! Do I need to say more?

But this knowledge too is part of man's heritage, and one day, ONE day, but hopefully not just yet, humanity MUST and WILL unlock this capsule, together with the others, and CLAIM even this knowledge! When that day comes HOPEFULLY humanity will have grasped enough of its heritage to not AGAIN abuse this knowledge for self-centred gain and destruction! Therefore do I still need to explain why it is that Toltecs take such a strong stance on the COMMITMENT and the RESPONSIBILITY inherent within the sexual act?

So, yes, contained within the parameters of the Solar Ring-Pass-Not, the Wall of Fire, or the Ring of Fire, is already a VAST amount of knowledge UN-COVERED, but locked away for now! This knowledge lives on within the MEMORY of Toltecs, and the SHADOW of this now "FORGOTTEN" knowledge also still continues to LURE man in the most ENTICING of ways! Thus Toltecs refer to Ibezhan as a "woman" that is JEALOUS of her VEIL! In other words, to lift that veil is to succumb to a "bliss and rapture" from which there is no easy escape! Pandora was a blessing in comparison to Ibezhan! And as I stated earlier, I for one would MUCH rather not face AGAIN the horrors of Ibezhan released upon the world!