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Did unicorns really exist? To the best of my understanding they were merely mythical creatures.


UNICORNS were NOT mythical creatures! Unicorns DID exist once upon a time! They belonged to the INORGANIC realm and were looked upon as creatures of POWER! But because of their LUST for power the sorcerers of yesteryear hunted these creatures for their magical HORNS until they became EXTINCT! The history surrounding the unicorns is one of the many horrors of Ibezhan! This history evolved into the era of PHALLIC WORSHIP, which in its turn evolved into what today I term the era of the DISEMPOWERED DILDO! Strange, do you not think, that even after all this time the HORN should still be a symbol of "power?!" :)

It may also interest you to note that unicorns were MALE creatures! There were no female unicorns, only males! How they reproduced is one of the secrets now locked away in Ibezhan, for it was their ABILITY to reproduce the MALE that was the cause of their EXTINCTION! In other words, the unicorns did not need the FORM in order to CREATE the MALE, and my god, DID the sorcerers of yesteryear CRAVE that knowledge! No wonder that in their ARROGANCE these old sorcerers USED the FEMALE merely for sexual pleasure, for they believed that THIS was all she was there for! Sadly, even for us today, they never DID UNDER-STAND the magical HORN of the UNICORNS!

So the import of this history is, "Men, do you WANT to become disempowered dildos? And after the dildo, then what? EXTINCTION?"