Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on the Forbidden Prophecies from Warriors' Experience

  • Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on the Forbidden Prophecies
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I know that you have already stated that you are not at liberty to reveal the Forbidden Prophecies, but they ARE intriguing! <g> Is there anything you CAN tell us about them, Théun?


The so-called Forbidden Prophecies are HIGHLY COMPLICATED, INVOLVED and DEEPLY TECHNICAL and, as such, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to impart the TRUE NATURE of these ancient prophecies. To really understand the Forbidden Prophecies requires the abilities of the fully trained seer to be able to access all of this within both the web of life, as well as the Toltec Memory Banks, for there is MUCH to this story which becomes completely DISTORTED when verbalised!

To make this as PRACTICAL as possible I am going to keep it SIMPLE and BRIEF, but realize that the IMPLICATIONS are VAST and run DEEP! So do NOT be tempted to underestimate what I am about to share because it appears to be so simple!

There are many forbidden prophecies. The nature of these prophecies is that although they are part and parcel of Atl's fate, they nonetheless somehow LACK the focused INTENT of the spirit of Atl. As a result they are like "holes" in the intent of Atl. Toltecs do not profess to understand them or their true purpose. All we know is that once triggered, for whatever reason, the effects are completely RANDOM, because they lack Atl's focused intent. As a result they quite literally run WILD, and the effects are ALWAYS destructive! In all of this please bear in mind that Atl is the Being in Whom we live and move and have our being and therefore from our standpoint as human beings, the One Life of which all of us are units. Needless to say, and as some of you already know, Atl Himself is but a unit in an even greater Life or Being, and so on up the ladder of evolution. I mention this merely so that you get all of this into proper perspective and that you do not fall into the trap of assuming that what happens on our planet does not affect the rest of the universe, and vice versa.

The reason why these Forbidden Prophecies are termed "forbidden" is because of the power of the spoken word! In other words, even just VERBALISING them can call forth enough INTENT to trigger them. By NOT verbalizing them Toltecs have tried to ensure that they never fall into the hands of those individuals or groups that are power-hungry enough to try to use them for self-centred gain. I am therefore not at liberty to verbalise for you the CONTENTS of these prophecies. These prophecies and their contents do, however, exist within the memory of all trained nagals and Toltecs of the Third Attention.

Furthermore, because of the power I wield, and because I once again hold the Office of the Dragon Wolf in this lifetime, I have called forth the challenge of having to deal with the consequences of a set of THREE of these cursed prophecies. In retrospect I can now see how they have followed me around ever since childhood, just waiting to be triggered. This particular set of prophecies concerns what may be best described as the FANATICAL MOTHER who is OBSESSED with wanting to POSSESS and CONTROL. The Russian sorceress, X, the one I have written about, is an example of someone who has fallen prey to this type of MIND-SET, for this is EXACTLY what it is, a mind-set, the MIND having become OBSESSED with wanting to possess, dominate and control!

You may say, "But this is everywhere in the world, all around us," and in this you are correct, for humanity does IN-DEED live in its mind, and does IN-DEED strive to control, dominate and possess! BUT, what we are facing here, now that this set of three Forbidden Prophecies has been triggered, is an INTENSIFICATION, a HUGE MAGNIFICATION of an already existing world situation! And what's more, because these prophecies have been triggered WITHIN our midst, each and every one of us and also COLLECTIVELY as a group, are to all INTENTS and PURPOSES, (and please STUDY this phrase with GREAT CARE to see the implications), the prime "target", if you will, of the EFFECTS of these forces. In other words, both as INDIVIDUALS and as a GROUP we are at this moment in time those that are the MOST SUSCEPTIBLE to the utterly DESTRUCTIVE forces of DIVISION and SEPARATION.

You may, of course, look at all of what I have shared and say, "Thanks, Théun, for landing us all in the SHIT! If it hadn't been for you and your cursed prophecies we would not have to face this challenge!" <g>

Well, tough shit! THAT is what you get for wanting to work with a nagal, for even nagals have a fate! And THAT is what you get BECAUSE there happen to be "holes" in Atl's intent, and this particular CRACKPOT managed to land himself the task of having to try to DIRECT the RANDOM effects caused by one of these "holes!" And unless this group is NOT going to become yet another hole, as in a hole in space, you had all better LISTEN to me very, very carefully! <ebwg>

But all jokes aside, what we are facing here is IN-DEED very serious, and it is therefore EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you are CLEAR on how all of this is MANIFESTING.

From everything I have shared so far it should already be clear to you that the "enemy," now radically INTENSIFIED because these three prophecies have been triggered, is in fact Mother's Awareness. But what is of greatest CONCERN to us, is the fact that the forces released by these three prophecies concerned have latched themselves onto yet another world-wide mind-set, and one that is RAPIDLY becoming evermore destructive; namely, humanity's present GREED for and OBSESSION with SEX! Expressing this in a nutshell we can define the "enemy" we are facing as the FANATICAL MOTHER that has become OBSESSED with SEX, in using it as the medium or the tool with which to POSSESS, DOMINATE and CONTROL. But as I have repeatedly tried to warn you, wanting to possess, dominate and control, by its VERY NATURE, IMPLIES DIVISION AND SEPARATION.

And as I have also often enough warned you, the REAL enemy is NOT out there, but is WITHIN each and every one of us! It can be me, it can be Russell, it can be any one of YOU!

To grasp this even more fully, realize that what has been such a threat to all of us are the EFFECTS upon us of the forces of DIVISION and SEPARATION released by these three prophecies and their ripple effects, now that they have been triggered. So the challenge which we as a GROUP have called forth, and which is this "THING" hovering over us as a group, can only feed off and become effective wherever "it" can find a chink in the armour, that is, some form of possibility for DIVISION. And, BEAR IN MIND, DIVISION through the MEDIUM of SEXUAL MANIPULATION! But as I was explaining to you previously, the GROUP can and will survive, even IF we lose members from time to time. But there is absolutely no way in which we can survive if "it" manages to strike the group in such a way that it EFFECTIVELY brings about DIVISION between the CORE members, or to be more precise, between myself and you as the GROUP! So far I have been able to deflect the onslaughts of the "enemy," but as the ripples spread ever wider, and as I already have quite a large number of enemies out there who believe that they are justified in striking back at me given the opportunity, the danger only continues to increase!

So where to from here? Well quite simply, you MUST strive even harder to achieve a true OPENNESS of HEART, for where there is true INCLUSIVENESS the "enemy" cannot possibly find a chink in the armour! Yet in order to achieve this openness of heart it is of vital importance that you strive to LIVE the teachings as impeccably as you possibly can, starting with learning to LISTEN and thereby INTERACTING RESPONSIVELY, that is with RESPONSIBILITY, rather than HEARING everything according to your view of the world, and therefore RE-ACTING to what you THINK is being said or done!?

As it should be clear to you by now, RE-ACTING is one of the quickest ways in which to create chinks in the armour! Also, whilst we are on the subject of the teachings, remember also how important it is NOT to practice the teachings in a SELECTIVE manner, for if you do, you automatically create an IMBALANCE within your perception which MUST and WILL cause you to RE-ACT rather than to RESPOND intelligently to your challenges! Living SELECTIVELY begets SELECTIVE perception, full stop! In other words, being SELECTIVE in HOW you meet your challenges, irrespective of whether this is the challenge of living like a warrior, or the challenge you are experiencing at work, or the challenge you are facing in your relationship, MUST and WILL breed SELECTIVE perception!

With respect to the sexual issue, realize that here again it is hugely important that you learn to OPEN the HEART, for only with a complete OPENNESS of HEART does it become possible to perceive the DIFFERENCE between that nice warm feeling in the groin - LUST, as opposed to that true warmth which is the result of genuine FRIENDSHIP. I cannot possibly stress how exceedingly important this is, because as you continue to strive to achieve an ever greater sense of inclusiveness, and as your present friendships continue to blossom and deepen, so also does the DESIRE to express your love and warmth increase, but unless this expression is a true ACT of the HEART, you are going to BURN your FINGERS, for sure!

How do you discriminate between lust and love? There is simply NO way in which to REALLY define this other than to say your HEART will guide you! Trying to put words to it will only serve to confuse! The only guidance I can give you at this point in time is that you must strive with every fibre of your being to LIVE the teachings, to DISCIPLINE yourselves in LIVING the teachings, for if you DO the HEART will begin to OPEN, and as it does you will be GUIDED into finding those friendships that you have called forth to experience within the context of your FATE!

But to sit and DREAM about the gallant knight on his white horse, or to sit and FANTASISE about the perfect lover, or to GORGE your INDULGENCE in watching porn, will do nothing to open the heart, but will instead cultivate an ever-increasing MIND-SET that is going to get you into trouble sooner or later! Until your HEART guides you in terms of your FATE, as opposed to your DESIRE, it is not a bad idea to follow that old rule of thumb, namely, stay out of each other's panties, pants and beds! :)