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Dear All,

As you all know, the only way to grow and learn is to be challenged. As you claim more power so do your challenges become ever more power-full. As individuals our challenges are related to aspects of ourselves that we need to face in order for transmutation to take place. In this way, as units of the One Life, we play our role in the transmutation of the Solar Debris.

There are challenges though, generated by humanity over time, that seem to "float around," and that you could be called on to transmute simply BECAUSE you do have enough personal power to deal with them. POWER is ever economical and ever ruthless! To illustrate this; at the beginning you need ALL of your personal power to simply handle the challenges you as an individual face for your own personal growth. As your personal power grows there comes a point where it starts to EXCEED the needs of your PERSONAL requirements, meaning that you are beginning to gather EXCESS personal power. It is at this point that the Law of Economy kicks in and, in Life striving for Harmony and Balance, a purpose is found for that excess personal power. In other words, you begin to attract challenges that now not ONLY benefit you as an individual, but also serve an even greater purpose.

As a group we not only have our own challenges to deal with, but also those challenges that COLLECTIVELY we will call forth in order to grow as a group. As in the case of the individual, these challenges will only get bigger and bigger. On this point you must ALL be VERY CLEAR; our challenges are going to GROW and GROW. What we are attempting to achieve as a group is the antithesis of where humanity is at. Therefore not only will we be challenged by POWER through our fellow humans, but as we develop, who knows what POWER may have in store for us, what we may be called upon to face, because of who and what we are, and what we stand for. Humanity has been building up a "debt" forever which sooner or later has to be paid off. Hence, the very REAL danger in complacency and romanticism. It is better to have never found the Warriors Path than to harbour romantic delusions about where you will find yourself upon it. Learning is never quite what we expect it to be.

An example of what I have said with respect to both excess personal power as well as group dynamics, is the three Forbidden Prophecies that are now part of OUR lives. Théun called these forth because he is capable of dealing with them, but as a group aligned to Théun's purpose it means that our fate as individuals must RESONATE with the fate of Théun, for purpose is ever dictated by fate. As such, by having been drawn to Théun, that is, OUR individual fates having been drawn to Théun's fate, we too have a role to play in transmuting the effects of these prophecies having been triggered.

Other examples are X and Y. There is still far too much separativeness within the group, in the sense of this is YOUR challenge and not MY challenge, rather than this is OUR challenge! If we are truly striving towards INCLUSIVENESS, then we cannot deny that the effects of the challenges of any individual within the group IMPACT upon us all as a group. It is only the ROMANTIC FOOL who, in his/her sense of separativeness, can "go home," close the door upon the outside world, and sit down to his/her own comforts believing that the challenges of X or Y, or anyone else in the group, are NOT his/her CONCERN! Romance breeds either PITY or the sense of SUPERIORITY, in the sense of, "Shame! Poor X;" or secretly feeling GLEEFUL that Y is showing signs of falling off the bus! DANGEROUS GAMES!!! As the group grows in personal power the CONSEQUENCES of these games become evermore DIRE, if not FATAL!

It takes power to meet POWER, and by being part of this group you have challenged POWER. If you don't bring EVERY-THING you have to the table you stand every chance of being minced by POWER! This is after all, the rule of the hunt! Part of that EVERY-THING is DO-ING everything you possibly can to eliminate ALL separativeness, physically, emotionally and mentally, and therefore dropping any romantic notions you may have about what is entailed in treading the Warrior's Path. You can only possibly SURVIVE upon the Warrior's Path IF you are prepared to acknowledge FULLY that you are a unit of the ONE LIFE! To harbour the notion that you can tread the Warrior's Path, that is, challenge POWER, as a self-centred and separative unit isolated from ALL around you, is to call forth SURE death!

Ponder deeply on what I have shared with you here, and DROP any romantic notions you may have that in treading the Warrior's Path you are going to find your perfect mate, or materialize the most successful business! As warriors we strive to DO our IMPECCABLE BEST to assist the unfoldment of our FATE! NOT our IDEA of what our fate SHOULD be!

With all of my warmth and my support,