Apprentice (s), nagal, Théun addressing two from Warriors' Experience

  • Apprentice (s), nagal, Théun addressing two
  • Théun Mares, addressing two apprenticed nagals

X and Y, although there is MUCH I feel I need to share with you, yet at this point in time it feels more appropriate to address you BRIEFLY, and to bring your attention to focus on merely the bare SKELETON!

X, as you have already worked out for yourself, you are a Three-Pronged Nagal, whilst you, Y, are a Four-Pronged Nagal. As such you should look upon yourselves as being POLAR OPPOSITES, and at THIS POINT in TIME, IRRECONCILABLE, because of the Subjective Abyss separating LIFE BECOMING MANIFEST from LIFE WITHIN MANIFESTATION. This is mirrored for us in the SPLITTING OF THE SEXES, wherein MALE and FEMALE are POLAR OPPOSITES and so the sexes should NOT be CON-FUSED, and we should NOT strive for UNISEXUALITY, for to do so is to VIOLATE the PURPOSE inherent within the Objective Abyss!

BUT! BUT! BUT! Although polar opposites EXIST, and although it is NOT our prerogative to RECONCILE that which MAY NOT YET be reconciled, this does NOT mean that the male and the female CANNOT relate, or SHOULD not relate! Instead it means that INTELLIGENT CO-OPERATION is called for, for this is the LAW that BRIDGES that which has been set asunder for the purposes of evolution! And what is that purpose? INCLUSIVENESS! Therefore we should EVER bear in MIND that the poles have been separated, NOT to breed SEPARATIVENESS, but to bring about INCLUSIVENESS through the EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS of INTELLIGENT CO-OPERATION! Exactly the SAME principle applies to 3- and 4-pronged nagals!

So, my two friends, you come from and belong to DIFFERENT worlds! But in this it is IMPERATIVE for the good of the GREATER WHOLE, of which BOTH of you are ASPECTS, that you STRIVE towards INTELLIGENT CO-OPERATION, for only in THIS way will it become clear as to WHY the two of you were brought TOGETHER in the unfolding DESTINY of the Lost Tribe of Atlantis. Whenever a 3- and a 4-pronged nagal are brought together it is ALWAYS, but ALWAYS in the nature of COMPLEMENTARY purposes that have to be BRIDGED in some way in order to EVOLVE the NEW! In other words, you both NEED each other to fulfil your respective PURPOSES within this lifetime within the CONTEXT of TIME!