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  • Hetroflexibility (the male issue), versus homosexuality
  • Homosexuality, versus the male issue (heteroflexibility)


Théun, I would like to seek your guidance on a relationship I had with an older man when I was in my teens. This man was for me the father figure I had always longed for, but somehow I would at times feel very suffocated by this man's love for me. Just recently after we had started to see each other again, I found out that although he had never tried to initiate having sex with me, yet he had often longed to do so at the time that he cared for me. He explained to me that playing the father role made him feel sexually aroused. I feel this is somehow linked to my own feelings of often not knowing how to give of myself without being taken by the males in my life.


My friend,

This is not an easy subject to grasp, but what will help you greatly is to ask yourself these questions: "If it was ME who called forth a father figure, and if this man's CHALLENGE when he is IN the role of father is to feel SEXUALLY aroused, then WHAT is OUR MUTUAL CHALLENGE in this relationship?" These questions, if you ponder them deeply, will reveal much to you about what I have come to term the "male issue," something which is becoming ever more present amongst heterosexual males today.

Furthermore, realise that the male cannot TAKE another male in the TRUE sense of the word! Therefore if you PERCEIVE yourself to be TAKEN, what does this tell you about your PERCEPTION of yourself as a MALE?

True friendship is a GIVE and TAKE affair from BOTH sides! In other words, you can only be TAKEN if you are NOT WILLING to GIVE! But if you are not willing to give, then you should also not be willing to be AVAILABLE, for to do so is commonly known as cock-teasing! :) And if you are wanting to engage in cock-teasing, rather than being willing to GIVE in terms of what your MUTUAL CHALLENGE entails, then you should also NOT COMPLAIN about being taken! LOL!

I sincerely HOPE that you will NOT take this guidance at FACE VALUE, for I am in NO WAY suggesting that you and your friend should take turns at screwing each other! LOL! But instead you should USE the books, reading and rereading them AGAIN and AGAIN, allowing every bit of teaching with respect to what it MEANS to be MALE, and humanity's longing for union with the spirit of man, to sink in! I say this because there is today a growing confusion within heterosexual men who in one way or another feel drawn to having sex with another male, and yet all the time KNOWING within their heart of hearts that they are NOT homosexual.