Jewish, the, Phenomenon from Warriors' Experience

  • Jewish, the, Phenomenon


Théun, I wish to express my concern about hearing you speak about what you call the Jewish Phenomenon, because to me it smacks of racism and of being anti-Semitic. Also, why do you refer to me as being a Jew? I am not a Jew. I am Russian!


My friend, being as stupid as you are I am not at all surprised that you should see the Toltec approach towards what is termed the Jewish Phenomenon as racist! You seem to forget, or else just conveniently IGNORE the fact that RACES have destinies and fates, just as individuals have destinies and fates! Perhaps you should try reading Volume V?

Or perhaps you have bought into the CRAP that the Jews are the CHOSEN people of God, and that they have been VICTIMIZED for this since time immemorial? So am I a racist pig, my friend? Who knows? On the other hand, perhaps I know a thing or two about RACES, including ROOT RACES and SUB RACES of which you, my little pompous arsehole, are completely ignorant! Also you profess not to be Jewish, but I do not believe this! Perhaps your family had just chosen to forget rather rapidly that they were Jewish in order to survive the Communist regime! Many Jews did do just this, but this does not CHANGE the fact that they CHOSE certain challenges for this lifetime which they can ONLY work out by having incarnated into the Jewish Race!

But, in any case, even IF you were not born Jewish, you have the SAME characteristics and shortcomings that are so very peculiar to the Jewish race, and it is THIS that is of importance to YOU! You also say that you are not separative, but here too I disagree with you! I work with you do I not? And I see what I see! I do not need to ask anyone to confirm for me my own knowledge! :)

So may I suggest that you climb OFF your high horse and start addressing your arrogance and your self-importance seriously if you wish to continue working with us! To start with, take a good, long HARD look at your smugness towards both X and Y! Then start STUDYING HISTORY, you fool, and see if it is at all POSSIBLE for you to THINK and to REASON for YOURSELF, rather than just SWALLOWING the bullshit stories of others, bullshit stories based upon the PREJUDICE born of selective perception, distorted views of the world, and above all, social conditioning!

Really, my friend, what a total PRICK, you are!