Shortcomings (Weaknesses), versus behaviour from Warriors' Experience

  • Shortcomings (Weaknesses), versus behaviour
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Is it correct to say that we should embrace our shortcomings, but not our behaviour?


:) Be careful NOT to split hairs and thereby losing the plot because of COMPLEXITY! To EMBRACE means the same as to TAKE OWNERSHIP OF. So although you are CORRECT in pointing out the importance of not CONFUSING behaviour with shortcomings, yet it IS of vital importance to TAKE OWNERSHIP, that is, to EMBRACE both your shortcomings as well as your behaviour! Why? Simply because behaviour stems from shortcomings, and BECAUSE our shortcomings are going to be with us until the end of our lives, so too will the behaviour!

So, although we DO change our behaviour, that SAME behaviour is going to KEEP cropping up in ever subtler FORMS, in the same way that as we transmute our shortcomings these too keep cropping up in ever subtler FORMS! Technically speaking, this is but a REFLECTION, a MIRROR, if you like, of nagal versus tonal! Therefore, drawing a parallel, see the shortcoming as THAT which gives LIFE to the behaviour!

You asked in an earlier posting, "How do I access the spirit?" This is a good place to start! Use the REFLECTION of shortcomings versus behaviour as a TOOL, a MEDIUM through which to begin to grasp the NO-THING-NESS which is the spirit, or LIFE! In other words, the shortcoming is an EXPRESSION of the UNDEVELOPED POTENTIAL of the indwelling spirit that is MANIFESTED on the level of the tonal as behaviour!