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Théun, I have been job hunting, but I am finding it really difficult to find a job that is for me a Path with a Heart. At the moment the only job I can find is as a Temp. But I have been telling myself not to worry, for although I don't like the mirror of people who choose to live on social benefits, at least I have the support I get from social benefits whilst I am still out looking for a job. But my feeling is that I may be missing something here, because no matter how hard I look I cannot seem to find a job I resonate with.


Clearly you are looking for the "perfect job!" :)

Why do some people choose to live on social benefits? Simply because they have NOT yet found the "perfect" job! But when you start to probe such people it becomes CLEAR rather QUICKLY that they have no REAL intention of finding ANY job! Why? Because, hey, you get PAID to do a job, so why work your fingers to the bone when you can get paid for the "job" of looking for a job? LOL! This is why you don't like these mirrors! But in YOUR case, go BEYOND the FACE VALUE of the mirror, and what do you see?

You are an EXPERIENCED victim/martyr, right? :) So, of course, ANY job is merely something in which to PROVE to yourself what a MARTYR you are in ALLOWING yourself to become VICTIMISED! So it is BACK to social benefits, is it not?

So! What am I saying? I am saying, dear friend, that you are TIRED of living on the "social benefits" offered by a job! The "social benefits" being the "salary" for being such a "good" victim! So does it then surprise you that it has taken you THIS long to discover that you have NOT found a job simply because you do NOT WANT to find a job, or more precisely, because you do NOT WANT to be FED any more "social benefits!" AND that the ONLY jobs you HAVE been able to find are so FILLED with those truly ENTICING and DELECTABLE WORMS upon which victims THRIVE! So no wonder you don't like the mirrors of those who CHOOSE to live off social benefits! You are, quite frankly, SICK of your OWN indulgence! LOL!

So where to from here? :) You've got a brain, I hope? Yes? Well then USE it! LOL!

You've got SOME experience and knowledge in the photographic industry if I remember correctly? Yes? Well then make it WORK for YOU! Not for someone else's business!

Now! Victims ALWAYS seek REVENGE! You DON'T have to agree with me on this one! Just LISTEN! So NOW is the time to make your SHORTCOMINGS work FOR you! Don't just sit and INDULGE in them! So get OFF your bloody fat arse with a VENGEANCE, and KICK your OWN stinking arse INTO gear and START "taking revenge" upon the victim in YOU by PROMOTING your own freelance business! <g> Just THINK about how MUCH the victim in you is going to LOVE, ADORE and SAVOUR every moment of being the ULTIMATE martyr when you start to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week at making your OWN business work! <wg> And the best of all, is that you WON'T have anyone to BLAME for making your life a total misery other than YOU! Oh, what BLISS for an EXPERIENCED victim! <wg>

Furthermore, it is my feeling that your present TEMP position is your GAP! Start STALKING yourself into HOW you can FREELANCE for this company, and then stalk BOTH yourself AND your present employers into "supporting" the martyr in you! I mean, IF they will ONLY listen to you, you WILL work your fingers to the bone 24 hours a day, seven days a week to give them EXACTLY what they have always DREAMED of having but never knew how to materialize! Get the drift, dear old victim? <wg> As I so often say to apprentices, "If you MUST be a victim, then at least be an utterly IMPECCABLE victim! Make it WORK, and make it work FOR you!" LOL!