Love, and respect from Warriors' Experience

  • Love, and respect


Théun, I want you to know how much I love and respect you! You are always such an inspiration to me!


My dear friend, thank you! :) My well is now much less dry than it had been! In fact, it is now overflowing! <g> If you keep pouring your "water" into my well so profusely, we will both be in grave danger of drowning! <wg>

But, pray, tell me my lovely friend, how can I NOT feel like a failure when all I ever hear are words that are so SELDOM implemented through ACTION? Hmmmm? What does it imply about my lead when those around me keep tripping up left, right and centre over their heartfelt words? Do I simply stand aloof and FROWN fiercely and say in a deep gruff voice with no small amount of irritation and indignation, "Now, look here, young man, IF you SCREW up and fall flat on your face then this is not MY problem, but YOUR problem!" What kind of love would that be, my friend? :)

I am reminded here of a hugely hysterical experience I had a great many years ago, in fact, during the time when I was restoring my memory! Just a block up from where I lived at that time there was a café on the corner. One Sunday morning I went to this café to buy some cigarettes. When I got there the floor inside was quite literally strewn with boxes and crates of every possible shape and size as the shopkeeper was hard at work restocking his shelves and fridges. I carefully picked my way across the floor, but just as I got to the counter there was an almighty bang and crash behind me! Turning round to see what had happened I saw a young man lying sprawled on the floor after having rushed into the shop and then promptly tripped and fallen over one of the many boxes and crates standing around on the floor!

The shopkeeper looked at the young man lying on the floor, and quite non-plussed he said, "Good morning! What's wrong with you? Did you not know that God gave you knees so that you can pick up your feet?"