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Théun, I have been trying to provide my mother with a lead, but she stubbornly refuses to take my lead! What should I do?


LOL! You should RE-SPECT the position your mother holds WITHIN your life, for she KNOWS your behaviour even better than you do! Not only has she been changing your nappies for you ever since you were born, but she is STILL having to change your "nappies" for you! So where precisely are you coming from in wanting to PROVIDE your mother with a lead? As I told you very clearly once before! Your mother is NOT your wife or merely another female in your life! Your mother is your MOTHER and, as such, she is MASCULINE relative to you and therefore will NEVER take your lead! And neither should she!

But apparently you are still hoping that you can gain domination OVER her by somehow browbeating her into SUBMISSION! Your mother, my friend, as your mother, has every right to paddle your arse for you! And if she does not do it, I will! <wg> When are you going to get your FACTS straight, just for a change, and start learning some genuine RESPECT for life?