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Friends, I have spent some time considering the implications we are facing with respect to X having compromised both herself and the Group through her relationship with Y. There is no doubt that this was a willful and deliberate act, and as such the consequences are extremely serious, not only for X, but also for the Group. X is going to have to live with the consequences of her actions, but as a member of the Group there are also consequences for us if she remains a member, as well as consequences should she be asked to leave. It is therefore important that we are clear on these consequences BEFORE any decision is taken! I will therefore spell out these consequences, and then also explain why it is that I do not want this decision to be rushed.

If X is allowed to remain with the Group we will be compromising the teachings, and therefore also ourselves, in the sense of condoning and supporting a lack of impeccability, seduction, dishonesty and fraudulence, for this is what X is guilty of. If we compromise ourselves in such a way there is no way that power is going to support us, and it will therefore not be long before such actions have become rife amongst us. If X is asked to leave the Group we will then NOT be compromising the teachings or ourselves, BUT we will LOSE a most valuable OPPORTUNITY to use this challenge in order to LEARN, for once X leaves, this whole issue will all too quickly be forgotten and swept under the carpet, for such is human nature - out of sight, out of mind! From my perspective, and in terms of what it is I am trying to achieve through building the forums and the two Groups, we will gain nothing from asking X to leave, and yet we are faced with the fact that we also CANNOT compromise ourselves! It is therefore well and truly a case of having to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea!

As you well know, in the past I have always unsubscribed people like X and therefore you may quite rightly ask, "So why should it be different this time round?" This is not an easy question to answer, for it is far more complex than it appears to be, but I will try to answer it in this way: Until I stepped back from Hunter's Lodge I was, to all intents and purposes the alpha male. But I was not merely an alpha male, for I am also nagal and Toltec and, as such, there is absolutely NO WAY in which I can JUSTIFY supporting any action which is not only wrong, but also deliberate and willful, because the person concerned already KNOWS that it is not right and therefore life-destructive! By this I am NOT in ANY way implying that this can be different for any one of you, and yet this MUST be seen IN CONTEXT of the PURPOSE of Hunter's Lodge.

As you know, the purpose of Hunter's Lodge is to provide its members with the opportunity to learn HOW to USE the teachings in order to ENRICH their EXISTING lives! The key to this is, of course, impeccability! Therefore unless the members working on Hunter's Lodge strive to USE the teachings to act with utter impeccability, they will learn nothing, and enrich nothing, but, on the contrary, will quickly enough find themselves in the position where the teachings are starting to work AGAINST them!

So the question facing us with respect to X, as a member of Hunter's Lodge, is how can WE be IMPECCABLE in supporting X to be impeccable WITHOUT compromising the teachings and ourselves? I have known from day one that in starting the forums this very question would HAVE to be addressed sooner or later, for we will ALWAYS have members on Hunter's Lodge who will suddenly wish to prostitute both themselves and the teachings just for the hell of it, no matter HOW hard we try to prevent this from happening! So what I am saying here is that UNLESS we FACE this challenge NOW, this challenge will KEEP COMING BACK until it has been faced and conquered!

We can ask X to leave the Group, but then tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year it will be someone else in the Group who suddenly succumbs, and so it will go on, and for the simple reason that the members of Hunter's Lodge are still learning WHAT it IS to be impeccable, rather than already LIVING the teachings! Can you now begin to see why I feel that it will serve neither X nor the Group if we simply ask her to leave? But neither am I saying that she should NOT still be asked to leave! I am merely trying to get all of you to start looking at this issue OBJECTIVELY, meaning that it MUST be seen IN CONTEXT of the purpose of Hunter's Lodge. So how then are we to face this challenge and deal with it?

At the time when X confronted us with this challenge I did not hesitate to implement the preliminary actions that were required at that point in time. Those actions were to terminate her personal apprenticeship with me on Toltec Warriors, and to step back from Hunter's Lodge. Those of you on Toltec Warriors have a better grasp what is entailed in me having stepped back from Hunter's Lodge, but let it suffice for now to say that by me having stepped back I am no longer RESPONSIBLE for the actions or the decisions of the members of Hunter's Lodge, and because of this I am not in any way violating either the teachings or my responsibility as nagal and Toltec. BUT, as I have also stressed, by having stepped back I am NOT ABANDONING the members of Hunter's Lodge! For me to simply abandon Hunter's Lodge will not serve ME in terms of why I started the forums in the first place! Therefore it is in my best interests to ENSURE the continued well-being as well as the future of Hunter's Lodge! However, in the light of the challenge facing us it has been far from easy to find a way forward that will serve all concerned and yet not compromise the teachings or the Group, and it is for this reason that I have taken so long to come forward with a solution.

The only way in which we can face this challenge and conquer it, is if you, as the members of Hunter's Lodge, EMBRACE this challenge in terms of WANTING to LEARN from it. I had already hinted at this when I told X that we were going to USE her, but at that time I first still needed to follow all of this through in terms of looking at ALL of the implications involved in doing so. I was initially wary of this for the reason that by implication it could well end up as a mere JUSTIFICATION for allowing X to remain with the Group! What I have discovered is that it is yes and no! Let me explain.

There is just simply NO WAY in which any of us can condone, much less support X's actions with respect to Y! This is NOT in question! But we are also not just talking about sex here - we are talking about IMPECCABILITY in ALL actions, physical, emotional and mental! But if you consider where you are at in terms of learning what it IS to be utterly impeccable, and remembering that in this you are NOT alone, for the VAST MAJORITY of humanity is in the same boat as you, how many of you can CLAIM to be utterly impeccable in ALL of your actions? So, yes, right now many of you are not shagging someone whom you should not be shagging, but then some of you may be doing it on the quiet, either physically or even if just in your minds, but not owning up! Must I then "police" all of you with my seer's ability? And then we are STILL only talking about sex, but what about all of your other actions? Are ALL of your actions truly life-supportive?

So when I say embrace this challenge in order to learn from it, it means that you MUST start to look into and to USE the mirror embodied in X! In other words, USE this mirror to LEARN where each and every one of YOU are lacking in impeccability and, or, where YOU are guilty of seduction, dishonesty and fraudulence, and then once you can see it, make the HEARTFELT COMMITMENT to CHANGE this FORTHWITH! If you DO, then your mirror, in this case, X, too must and will change or else leave of her OWN accord! This, as you know, is the BASIC mirror principle! But in terms of the challenge we are facing here the mirror concept within itself does not safeguard the teachings or the Group from being compromised!

So we NEED to take this a few steps further. The only way in which to do this, so that it IS a win-win situation, is to say, "Right, I have looked DEEPLY and THOROUGHLY into this mirror, and THIS is what I have seen in myself! But I am NOT going to tolerate this in myself, much less support it! It stops RIGHT NOW, starting with the Not-Doing! And if I am WILLING and CAPABLE to use the technique of Not-Doing to CHANGE my behaviour, then so can every other member of Hunter's Lodge. And IF any one of them proves him or herself to be UNWILLING or INCAPABLE, then CLEARLY this person SERVES neither the Group nor him or herself, in which case he or she must leave!"

What I am trying my best to guide all of you into grasping is that X can ONLY remain with the Group IF you make the decision to TAKE JOINT RESPONSIBILITY for her lack of impeccability! BUT I am NOT, NOT, NOT saying that you MUST condone X's actions BECAUSE you yourselves are not yet living lives that are utterly impeccable! What I AM trying to get you to grasp is that IF X is allowed to remain with the Group, you are ALL going to HAVE to ENSURE that a LACK of IMPECCABILITY is NOT going to be tolerated or supported in either yourselves or in any other member of the Group once it has come to your notice! So IF you decide that X should remain with the Group, then your stance must be, "Fine! You can stay! BUT the buck stops RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! YOU and I are going to CHANGE, or else YOU and I are going to PART ways!"

BUT, BUT, BUT, what EXACTLY is it that must change? What MUST change is the WILLFUL and DELIBERATE RE-ENACTMENT of folly when you ALREADY KNOW that such an action is life-destructive! But in this, once the decision has been made, you must still RE-MEMBER that the habits of a lifetime are NOT changed overnight, for although HEARTFELT CHANGE is truly cataclysmic and instantaneous, the steps that NEED to be taken in ERADICATING the behaviour is a PROCESS, but nevertheless a process that DEMONSTRATES gradual TRANSMUTATION day by day and that eliminates any license to continue INDULGING or to FAIL!

So, to wrap this up. IF you decide to USE the mirror in X in order to propel yourselves AND the Group forward, and this then MUST include X, assuming, of course, that she is TRULY willing to be included, then you will NOT be compromising the teachings or yourselves! In other words, you will be using everything you grasp within the teachings in order to eradicate the willful and deliberate re-enactment of folly, and thereby greatly enrich your lives! Should X prove herself to be UNWILLING to be included in this process, then she must go if you are NOT going to compromise! If, on the other hand, you allow X to stay, but DO NOT use her as a mirror, YOU will be compromising! And I am NOT here referring to paying mere LIP SERVICE to the use of mirrors! I am referring to REAL CHANGE!

What this means in PRACTICAL terms is that BECAUSE of the PURPOSE of Hunter's Lodge, namely, to LEARN what it IS to be impeccable, the members of Hunter's Lodge, call it the Group if you like, will NOT be compromising IF an act of WILLFUL and DELIBERATE RE-ENACTMENT of folly is USED as a LEARNING CURVE that BENEFITS the continual GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT of the Group! BUT where there is no learning, no benefit to the Group in terms of growth and development, this will be a most SEVERE act of compromise! Therefore the decision that lies before you is are you CAPABLE and WILLING to USE the mirror in X to your MUTUAL benefit IF you allow her to remain as a member of the Group? If not, then it is SAFER to ask her to leave! In making this decision you will NEED to be VERY clear on your motives, and you will also need the SUPPORT of X, for she, after all said and done, is VERY MUCH PART of this equation by virtue of her actions!

The RISK you run in making this decision is twofold:
Should you decide to ask X to leave, you will learn sweet blow all from this challenge, and it will keep coming back! Should you decide that X should stay, but do you NOT manage to LEARN anything which is of REAL VALUE to yourselves AND the Group, you will have COMPROMISED the teachings and yourselves! In allowing for this very REAL possibility because you are as of yet so INEPT in the art of stalking yourselves and your perception, I have stepped back from Hunter's Lodge, for if I TOO were to compromise there is NO HOPE left for any of us!

So! From all of what I have shared you can now see that any attempt at treading the Warrior's Path is NEVER easy, and most especially not IF you are required to take responsibility for the fact that the Cry of the Eagle has been sounded, meaning that YOU are now ADULT enough to make your OWN decisions, for better or for worse! Nonetheless, even IN having stepped back from Hunter's Lodge I am STILL standing by READY to give guidance, SHOULD my guidance be sought! Above all, YOU must LEAD BY EXAMPLE in this challenge.

In other words, are you going to RE-ENACT your own folly of STUBBORN ARROGANCE in choosing to THINK that you already have ALL the answers, and therefore BUMBLE along on your OWN until Hunter's Lodge is crippled to the point that I am left with no choice other than to walk away from it? Or are you going to SHOULDER this RESPONSE-ABILITY, and ONCE you HAVE come to a DECISION first seek out my guidance BEFORE IMPLEMENTING ACTION? The first course of action LACKS any form of intelligent co-operation. The second contains the POTENTIAL for intelligent co-operation!