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Théun, I have been busy with the mystery surrounding sex and gender. But what has come up for me is why do we as males find only young women attractive? It strikes me as odd that we never even notice an old woman with a walking stick. Old women just do not have any attractive assets!


LOL! That mind of yours is a most TALENTED gymnast, I do declare! <g>

The old woman with her walking stick was also a pretty young thing once upon a fine day! So are you trying to figure out the mystery surrounding sex and gender? Or are you just hooked to the form, in which case I must agree with you! OLD FORMS are rather dull and dreary! Just like the truly ANCIENT thought form surrounding "I MUST, pant, MUST, salivate, MUST, cream my jeans, MUST justify SEX somehow!" Bang! Bang! "I WILL knock this goddamned peg into the hole, whether it quite fits or not!" <wg>

Now let's see! Where were we, anyway? Ah, yes! I RE-MEMBER now, the old woman! <g> Shame, really, that the FORM has become so OLD and UNATTRACTIVE, otherwise she still has breasts, although now a bit drooped, and a vagina, perhaps a little flabby, but otherwise all still THERE and perfectly USE-ABLE! So I guess this must mean that she is STILL a female, for does the age of the form affect GENDER? Hmmmm? Now this is interesting, for if she is still FEMALE, then I wonder about WHO is she that has been inhabiting this now old form?

Do you see what I mean? I mean, are we hu-mans SANE or not? We lust after ANCIENT females in YOUNG bodies, but we find that SAME ANCIENT female quite dreary, if not downright repulsive, once her BODY has become old and decrepit! So how then DO hu-mans become SEXUALLY motivated? WHAT makes them seek out LUST? Taking these two questions into account, HOW is SEX related to GENDER, if at all? And HOW is LUST related to GENDER? <g>

The last question is EASY to answer, provided we KEEP it WITHIN the carefully demarcated CONFINES of the ACCEPTABLE AGE of the FORM! <wg> It is an answer that CLEARLY reveals the nature of Mother's Awareness! <g>

Assets, did you say? What assets? Assets tend to INCREASE in value with the passing of TIME! GOODS, on the other hand, have a tendency to become OLD and WORN OUT! LOL!