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How does one overcome the fear of losing one's sense of identity?


LOL! You most certainly ARE a nutcase! <g>

The only way in which to overcome the fear of losing your identity is to take a good, long, HARD look at your identity and to see it for what a CHARADE it really is! If you do this HONESTLY I can assure you that you will feel pretty embarrassed once you realise that others CAN see the farce for what it is, and that it is only YOU who believes in it so strongly! <wg> It is a little bit like coming to REALISE that whilst you always THOUGHT you were so well-clothed, you have IN FACT always PARADED in front of others in the NUDE! It does the sense of identity no good when someone suddenly turns to you one day and asks, "Does that "mole" on the left side of your bum not bother you?" <g> But to help you on your way, I will tell you a little story, a REAL story! :)

One day a man arrived in the casualty ward of a hospital with a bullet wound in his penis! When the Sister in charge asked him what happened he was highly embarrassed to tell her that he had been sitting on his couch cleaning his revolver when he accidentally pulled the trigger and shot himself through the penis! The Sister in charge was MOST sympathetic and very AWARE of what a beating his sense of dignity was taking, so she said, "Well, if we look at the positive side of this, then you at least now have a sprinkler system!"

Needless to say, the man's sense of identity was so strong that he failed to see the humour in his folly, even when it was pointed out to him! <g>