Sobriety (Clarity), versus, assumed sobriety from Warriors' Experience

  • Sobriety (Clarity), versus, assumed sobriety
  • Lost, cause of becoming


I somehow keep losing the plot just when I think I have the answer. What am I doing wrong?


Where you are coming unstuck is that your rational responses are clashing with the 4 Postulates! In other words, you are starting from a point of ASSUMED CLARITY, instead of seeing your challenges, that is, your pattern, as an endless MYSTERY! You THINK you KNOW what your challenges are, but do you really? The only thing you know for SURE is the FACE VALUE of your challenges! But what part of the mystery which is YOU are you being CHALLENGED on to SOLVE, in having to deal with the FACE VALUE of your challenges as you see them? Your thoughts and your emotions pertain to the FACE VALUE of your challenges, but IF you are to come to grips with your challenges per se, you MUST go BEYOND the face value by LISTENING to your HEART!

This sounds far more complicated and difficult than it really is, for all that is really required is to NOT-DO the internal dialogue! By this I mean, DETACH from the internal dialogue and you will be amazed at how MANY feelings come to you that are quite irrational relative to what your mind is busy chattering about!