Théun Mares, approach of, towards male apprentices from Warriors' Experience

  • Théun Mares, approach of, towards male apprentices
  • Apprentice (s), Théun's approach towards male


Théun, why do you keep pushing my friend away? I know him better than you, and I know that if only you give him a chance he will become the most loyal and dedicated apprentice you could ever wish for.


My friend, for all the RESPECT and LOVE I have for you, I sincerely HOPE that you are NOT blaming me for the fact that your friend is too WEAK and PATHETIC to stand on his OWN TWO FEET! Because of my respect for you I take your plea MOST SERIOUSLY! I EXPECT you to DO the SAME, by showing me the SAME respect!

Whilst your friend may find it HARD to contend with the RUTHLESSNESS which I have brought to Hunter's Lodge, I am really, REALLY not INTERESTED, in any way whatsoever, in having a most dedicated, faithful and loyal apprentice! In case you have not noticed, unlike most so-called Masters, I do not demand apprentices to sit at my feet and worship me! Instead I DEMAND that the men in my life TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their lives and for the lives of those entrusted to their care! So although I hear you arguing for the VIRTUES of your friend, take CARE in dealing with ME, my friend, for unlike your friend, my SUPPORT is unutterably UNCONDITIONAL, and when it comes to being MALE, I do not leave people hanging in mid-air guessing!

I hope this helps to clear the COBWEBS in your mind concerning your friend!