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  • Change (s), misconceptions concerning


I understand that it is up to us to change, but I find it so hard to just change at the drop of hat! Is it always this hard?


LOL! My, my, my, but we ARE self-important, are we not? <wg>

My friend, the MOMENT your dreamer CHANGES its FOCUS, let alone its INTENT, your EVERY-THING changes! So before you become so hung up on the ILLUSION that it is up to YOU to change, consider the REALITY that the ONLY thing your dreamer has to DO is to change ITS intent, and YOU the social being, the TONAL, are a GONER! LOL!

Do you GET my drift? <wg> It is NOT up to YOU, my self-important friend, to DECIDE to change or not! Why? Simply because change is your DUTY! Rather, it is up to YOU to find WITHIN yourself HUMILITY, for humility, no matter what it's shape or size, is the ONLY meaning you can put into LIFE! True change happens whenever your Dreamer changes its focus or its intent! You may fight AGAINST that change, but only to your own detriment!