Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on Humour from Warriors' Experience

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Friends, why all the sadness and the seriousness? Shall we all cry on each other's shoulders? <g> Just think what a WAIL of a time we can all have! So many people all balling their eyes out! <g>

I know these are difficult times, and I know that all of you are concerned and taking our present battles very seriously, but you must also always bear in mind that the true art of the warrior is his ability to reconcile fear and awe! The only way in which to achieve this is to shift the focus, and the moment we shift the focus we can immediately start to see the FUNNY side to it all! :)

So come, let us shift the focus and learn to laugh at our folly, for unless we can laugh, ANY battle just becomes gloomy, morbid and morose, and in no time at all we are overwhelmed by self-pity, feelings of inadequacy, and indulgence in all sorts of negative thought patterns which not only drain our personal power, but worse, set our intent on failure!

So, on a lighter note, I would like to share with you a little joke! The joke about this joke is that it was told to me by the famous lady who has now ONCE AGAIN become obsessed with trying to control and manipulate me! But ever since she has reappeared in my life, I have found myself recalling this joke over and over again, for you see, this lady IS blonde, and yet she found this joke truly hilarious! <g> I guess this makes her more blonde than blonde! <wg>

One day a blonde was driving along quite happily in her Cherokee Jeep, dreaming of her appointment with power, and humming a catchy little tune to herself in delightful anticipation of her good fortune on this particular day! But then lo and behold, her seer's vision materialised an absolute horror! Speechless she slammed on her brakes, pulled furiously to the side of the road and leapt out of her jeep with little regard for her normal grace!

Absolutely beside herself with suppressed fury, she rushed to the edge of a wheat field ready for harvesting, the wheat blowing gently this way and that in the gentle afternoon breeze! Now, she had heard of flying poodles, and of God suddenly materialising in the middle of a busy plaza, BUT how the hell was she supposed to interpret a blonde rowing her dinghy across the wheat field?! But in staring and staring at this absurd vision, it slowly, VERY slowly dawned on the woman that the vision was for REAL! There really WAS a blonde sitting in the middle of a dinghy rowing her guts out and looking highly perplexed that she was getting nowhere fast!

This so incensed the blonde that she ran right up to the edge of the field, waving her arms and shaking her fists at the blonde in the dinghy whilst screaming at her, "Hey you! It is blondes like YOU who give us blondes a bad name! I swear, if I could swim I would swim out there and slap you!"