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Théun, I so much want to be your friend, but I can now see how I keep on getting it wrong because of coming across as being cocky and overly familiar! I am sorry, Théun.


:( This is PRECISELY why I whack you when you do that! Why can't you just DROP your bloody bullshit and say to me, "I miss you, Théun?" Is it SO very difficult to express WARMTH without it having to become a FUCK in the arse? Why can't you just say, "I want to hug you, Théun?" Why MUST you DEMEAN a beautiful ACT of the heart by turning it into some stupid wise crack? Behaviour like this drives me crazy, especially when I am up over my ears in battles left, right and centre! But a hug from a friend, is ALWAYS welcome, and most ESPECIALLY in the midst of the battle! :)

I DO love you, my friend, but I would prefer to FEEL your WARMTH, rather than to have you prancing around me trying to "make your POINT!" <wg>