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Théun, what can I do to help you spread the teachings? I so much WANT to support you, but how when you do not like what I teach and how I teach?


It is all really very, very simple! The BEST way in which you CAN support me is to become a LIVING, WALKING, TALKING, ACTING example of what it is to be a warrior! If you ARE being an IMPECCABLE warrior people are automatically DRAWN to you and they want to KNOW how they can GET for themselves what it is you have that attracts them!

But if you wish to kill the teachings even BEFORE people have the chance to UNDER-STAND them, then all you need to do is to get up on a soapbox and start to PREACH what you yourself are CLEARLY not practising! :) It is NOT whether you have got the concepts straight, or mixed up, or whether you have the gift of the gab, or whether you mutter incoherently into your beard, but the EXAMPLE you set!

This is WHY I have again and again tried my damndest to IMPRESS upon you the IMPORTANCE of FIRST getting your OWN ACT cleaned up BEFORE you can HELP me in the true sense of the word! Not ONCE have I tried to slap you down, and not ONCE have I in any way been discouraging, even though I KEEP ON challenging you again and again on looking OBJECTIVELY at yourself! How MANY times have I NOT asked you, "Are we talking idealism here, or reality?"

Idealism, my friend, has never served anyone, and therefore HOW can it possibly serve me? Reality, on the other hand, CAN serve me! But the reality we are looking at right now is that RIGHT NOW you are at a point in your UNDER-STANDING of the teachings where you cannot YET teach by EXAMPLE! I am NOT, and I repeat NOT, wanting to be derogatory in any way, but let me just use one SMALL example of what I am trying so HARD to express with ALL of my love!

X, like you, wants to HELP me promote the teachings by teaching others how to lead. But even just X's body language is the ANTITHESIS of a leader! The way he dresses, the way his shoulders slouch, the way he walks INTO a room, the apologetic way in which he sits in a chair, all are the complete OPPOSITE of what it is to be a leader!

Does this make sense, my friend? I don't really know how else to explain it! You and X seem to THINK that it is so EASY to just walk into a room and teach! But teach what? The teachings? It is EASY to teach, my friend! And there are MANY things that are easy to teach! Look around you, there are millions of teachers in the world! But teaching what? Even with school teachers you are FORCED to ask the question, "How MANY of these teachers are QUALIFIED to truly TEACH the future generations of humanity? How many of these so-called teachers even begin to grasp the DIFFERENCE between ACADEMIC SCHOOLING versus EDUCATION? How many?"

So when I offered X the services of Elizabeth, FAR from wanting him to feel IMPOSED upon to PROMOTE Elizabeth in the UK for her and my financial gain, I was offering X the very FINEST support I can in terms of what he is wanting to do for me! As I pointed out to you and X, Elizabeth is an EXCEPTIONALLY talented teacher in whom I have INVESTED an ENORMOUS amount of time and energy! EVERY last DETAIL of everything Elizabeth IS in terms of a teacher has been CARE-FULLY schooled by me! Her hairstyle, her clothing, her make-up, her body posture, her verbalisations, her questioning, her approach, her grasp of the courses I have written SPECIFICALLY for her, note I do NOT say her grasp of the teachings, but her grasp of the courses, her HANDLING of her students, you name it, are all SKILLS for which she has a most NATURAL APTITUDE, and that I PERSONALLY have taught her to HONE into instruments of DEADLY PRECISION! I can honestly say, without conceit and without prejudice, that Elizabeth is the FINEST teacher I have EVER met, and her SKILLS are such that you will NOT find her match as far as teachers and trainers go, anywhere in the world!

I trust this answers your question, my friend?