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Théun, but HOW can I launch my new coaching business if you tell me that I am not yet ready to teach? Where do I go from here because to me coaching is a dream I have always wanted to fulfil? So is my dream of coaching just second-rate?


LOL! You sound like a child whining because Daddy will not allow him to play with the tools, the teachings! <g>

But have you then NOT heard me, or were you just simply not LISTENING? Yes, I have forbidden you to play with the tools, the teachings, but have I forbidden you to LIVE them? No! I have not! Yet this is where you keep on missing the plot by FAR! You INSIST upon putting the power OUTSIDE of yourself! So you make truly RIDICULOUS statements to the effect of your business being second-rate! WHO is making it second-rate? Your clients? They do not yet even KNOW that it exists! Me? I have never IMPLIED that what you want to do is second-rate! But what I HAVE said is that your EMBODIMENT of the teachings is POOR, not merely second-rate, POOR! So IF you are wanting, or worse still, HOPING that you can build a business on what you are as of yet extremely POOR at doing, then you are going to see your arse rather rapidly!

Launch your business, for god's sake, and GIVE IT YOUR ALL, you dimwit, and in giving it your ALL, TRY to LIVE the teachings to the VERY BEST of your understanding of what it is to be an UTTERLY IMPECCABLE EXAMPLE of a warrior! It is WHO and WHAT you ARE that will impress and win your clients, NOT your flowery preaching to them about being a something which CLEARLY you are not much better at than they are right now!

Do you grasp, my slow-witted friend? Go and BE the BEST you that you CAN be in offering YOUR dream, that is, your coaching, and in being the best that you can be you WILL be LIVING the teachings as best you can! What is so DIFFICULT to grasp about this?