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Théun, I don't have any questions today. Instead I would just like to thank you for everything you have done for me over the past three years. It is my great fortune to have found you in this lifetime. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Théun, The Dragon Wolf, my nagal and friend! If there is something I have learned from observing you, it is your approach to life! This is an approach I want to cultivate for myself too.


:) Thank you, dear friend.

But please realise that for me, the Office of the Dragon Wolf is a portfolio I hold in SERVICE of Those we term the Guardians of the Race, but it is not an office, a job, that brings me much personal happiness! :) My only sense of joy in holding this office is that I CAN be of service to Those Whom I love and respect with all my heart, and therefore for me to hold this office is both my PRIVILEGE and my HONOUR, even if it is not to the likes of the little self! <g> In other words, my friend, go lightly on the title of the Dragon Wolf! When it comes to friends, I much prefer to be just Théun! <g>

I also have another name, the name my parents gave me in this lifetime! It is a beautiful name, but it has long since become lost! Now when I do use it, for whatever reason, even to me it sounds strange in my ears! :( But from time to time I still reminisce about my parents, now both dead, and the name they gave me at birth! Then I look around me, and see people pissing and moaning about their parents, and taking their names for granted, and I cry silently to myself!

So, my approach to life? Simple! I savour every moment of every step, for I know that TIME waits for no man! :)