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Théun, in trying to face my challenge as a homosexual I find myself trying my best to act straight, in order to be accepted amongst heterosexuals, but this always make me feel worse about myself, because I know I am being a fraud by acting in this way. Can you please give me some guidance on HOW to behave with other people?


What is acting straight? :) Does this mean trying to be like all the other boys? <wg>

Why don't you try just being YOU, my friend? Just the way you ARE in this lifetime? But this IS where the problem lies, not so? In your perception, unless you act straight, heterosexual men shy away from you! But then what is acting obviously gay, my friend? :) Hmmm?

My friend, if there is something that irritates me to the point of wanting to shit in my pants, it is men or women who are NEVER themselves, but who are forever trying to IMPRESS others with their AFFECTED behaviour! So whether it is a heterosexual male who is so butch he can hardly keep his legs together whilst walking, and who has to show it off, whether it be his hairy chest or the bulge in his trousers that are far too tight; whether it is a too loud heterosexual woman trying to let it pop out over the top of her boob-strap whilst airing her nether-regions in a skirt that is way too short to sit down in; whether it be a screaming queen that is flapping about and talking gay talk in as camp a manner as possible; or whether it is a dyke who is talking and behaving like she can arm-wrestle a jumbo about to take off, makes no difference to me, for as far as I am concerned people like these are the laughing stock of all but the village idiot! So why in heaven's name should behaviour or mannerisms be such an issue for you?

Let's face it, my friend, you are hugely hung up on being gay and you BLAME heterosexual men for having this chip on your shoulder! So WHO is being prejudiced here? The only person who is keeping up the act, is you! Yet if you are then so hooked to an act, then why not try "acting as if" you are a stranger even unto yourself?! <g> At least it will be REAL! And it can be such FUN too, getting to know yourself, instead of always being angry, because you are having to act straight in a heterosexual world! It is time to start looking at just how hard-done-by you DO feel! In fact, you and X make an excellent pair! <g> For years X has felt hugely pissed off at having to compete in a so-called man's world, whilst you are still highly pissed off for having to compete in a heterosexual world! LOL!

Just BE yourself, as you are right here, right now! B-:)